Monday, November 14

Jewish Survival - Part VIII

כ"ד אייר תשע"ו – 1.6.016
Harav Imanuel Ravad, also known as "MikvaTikva," is under my medical care, since 23.7.2015 and supervised by Prof. Weinberg, head of Ophthalmology Dept., Beilinson Hospital
Diagnosis: "Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Treatments: "Avastin" eye injections, 8 until now
It must be changed to "Lusentis" Injections, which G-d willing will permit him to continue his "Avodas Hakodesh." 
The first 3, are not yet covered by his current medical insurance and $4000. must be raised for it.
I call upon Yidden of good will, who appreciate his "Mikva Education for every Yid," to help speedy raise the relatively minor sum needed, for his eye treatment. 
May Hashem bless you and yours with good health and Nachas.
Dr. Muni Mordechai Erlich, 
Eye Specialist # 12634 – מ.ת.מ. 09681
93 Rabi-Akiva St., Bne-Brak, Israel, C: 0544298103
Info & support: Imanuel Ravad, 20 Shmaya St. Bne-Brak 5132703, Israel, E: 
מור 23.7.015
27.7.015 ביקור, פרופסור וויינברג, בילינסון. שלוש זריקות אבסטין-AVASTIN, כל 6 שבועות, 
זריקה ראשונה 27.7.015
זריקה שניה 30.8.015  
זריקה שלישית 30.9.015  
מור 27.10.015
ביקורת 9.11.015
אוואסטין AVASTIN
4.  19.11.015
5. 29.12.015
6. 7.2.016
7. 28.2.016
מור 14.4.016
ביקורת 18.4.016, מומלץ "לוסנטיס LUSENTIS,"
8. 30.05.016 אוואסטין, בגלל חוסר ביטוח מושלם.

"Survival MikvaTikva", Imanuel Ravad, MikvaTikva Israel, Shmaya Street 20, Bnei-Brak 5132703
USA: Imanuel Ravad, MikvaTikva, 1360-44 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219

First published on 04/07/2016 on Jewish P.O.S.T. - the Jewish Voice for the People Of South Tottenham

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