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Torah Way is going places!

From: menasche scharf [mailto:menasche.scharf@gmail.com]
Sent: 10 July 2006 12:23
To: nlondon@torahway.org.uk
Subject: Torah Way is going places!

Hi there!

If you are in North London (Clapton, Stamford Hill, South Tottenham etc.) in the summer holidays, please pop in. Your holiday experience will be greatly enhanced; who knows, you might even start a branch of Start Your Day the Torah Way in your home town! After all, that's how it started in North and later in North West London...

Pass this eMail with attachment on to your UK based contacts, you won't know what favour you will be doing them - until you try...

Better still: why not dial +44(0)20 8731 0345 and select 1 (for Shiurim in English), followed by 4 (Mussar & Chassidus) then choose 6 (Torah Way - North London ) and listen to our Shiurim. We now have daily Shiurim and each and every day is hosted by a different Rabbi; NEVER become bored again...

Keep the following date free: 10th September 2006The FIRST anniversary of Start Your Day the Torah Way - North London
To be held between 11:00am and 2:00pm - separate seating and refreshments.

More details to follow...

Instruction on using Kol HaLoshon are available by sending a blank eMailwith "Instruction on using Kol HaLoshon" in the Subject to:menasche.scharf@gmail.com

Start Your Day the Torah Way - North London is a project of :
Calculu Business & Training Centre - *Learn and Earn*! OnLine course forless than a Dollar an hour!

Supper hasn't burnt - yet...

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Date: 13 Nov 2005 17:48
Subject: Supper hasn't burnt - yet...
To: info@torahway.org.uk


Just had a peek over the fence into the NW London Web Site - Nice work there!

I am of the opinion that the meeting should ideally be covering:
Move forward in unison - whatever happens in M/C /NL / NWL should be duplicated (if possible) in N & NW London
Pass on names of best grade speakers and pensil them in for all three locations, according to on-line scheduling software
Hash out a deal across the board with the Tribune / HaModia for a weekly spot colour page
Line up weekly sponsors to cover the cost of item 3.
Sponsors to get a mention on print, online, audio and other media to further their pound for pound spend
Reduce duplication to the Minimum; combine resources to the Maximum
Ensure the TorahWay concept gets front row coverage in national events (i.e. Yarchei Kalloh, Aguda Convention, etc.)
Regional TorahWay events; outlying communities should benefit from Audio-Visual participation using WebCast
Enlist the help of the United Synagogues / Federation of Synagogues / Sefardi infrastructures and reach: details to follow
Set up nucleus of TorahWay volunteers to help enhance and improve the quality/quantity of content delivery
As we briefly discussed it, take TorahWay abroad: The US, Antwerp etc.
How to deal with the covert and overt advances of the Aguda in Great Britain
Once we decide where to meet, I hope you will have the opportunity to understand and appreciate some or even all of the above points.

We all learn to learn in life that life is all about learning to learn

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Important Guest: Shotze Rebbe of Jerusalem

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Date: 24 Dec 2007 21:46
Subject: Newsflash - Important Guest: Shotze Rebbe of Jerusalem
To: menasche.scharf@gmail.com

For immediate release

By Jonathan Stern, London

Important Guest arrives to London

The Shotzer Rebbe Shlita of Jerusalem, Israel is arriving Thursday 28/12/2007 to London for a brief stay. He is the grandson of the late Shotzer Rebbe ZTZ"L, who lived in London in the years prior and after the Second World War. His arrival, upon invitation by the Shotzer community in Stamford Hill, coincides with the planned 50th remembrance day to commemorate the Petirah of the Shotzer Rebbe ZTZ"L, whose influence is felt throughout many local educational and social endeavours and whose name is mentioned in awe in many families whose Yiddishkeit was positively elevated through his teachings, his legendary tenacity to Jewish customs and his exemplar, stellar behaviour. The Rebbe Shlita will recount his memoirs as he remembers his great grandfather during a Melave DeMalka Seuda to be held in the Belzer Shtiebel, 49 St Kilda's Road, N16 and on Sunday Morning he will speak at the English-language Shiur of Start Your Day the Torah Way programme in the Biala Shtiebel, 110 Castlewood Road, N16. The Guest Speaker will start 9:20M Prompt, until about 10:00AM.

For further informtion, please callRabbi Deutsch on 07794260910.

Dear Editor,

The above was dictated to me by Reb Dovid Deutsch of London, who can be contacted on: +447794260910 - should you need further information.

Photos couretsy of R' M. Z. Schwamenfeld, Belz Archives, Antwerp, Belgium.

Menasche Scharf
Start Your Day the Torah Way
Calculu Business Centre
8 - 10 Timberwharf Road
N16 6DB
T: +44 08456 98 00 44
F: +44 (0)20 82 111 782
M: (0)7974 160 252
e: nlondon@torahway.org.uk
w: www.calculu.co.uk

Caught With The Apple Red Handed – Confessions of A Ben Torah

Caught With The Apple Red Handed – Confessions of A Ben Torah
Rarely in my life have I been so ashamed as I was this Shabbos morning eventhough no one knew about it except me. I am a working man closing in on the big 40. I consider myself a Ben Torah spending a reasonable amount of time learning each day. Part of being a Ben Torah in my opinion is having Torah and Yiddishkeit as the center of my world with rest of the outside world revolving around it and not vice versa. That being said, during these days of Sefira a Ben Torah focuses on occupying his mind and preparing himself for the upcoming Matan Torah. We are supposed to be excited about it and elevate ourselves day by day. So as a Ben Torah I'd like to think that I am on that path. At the very least I look forward to Shavuos, as I count each passing day of Sefira.

I am also a gadget man and like to keep abreast of the latest technology. Lately I have been following the hype surrounding a new mobile phone that will soon be released on the market. Being that I haven't had a new phone in four years I decided that this could be my dream phone. Lately I spend time every day checking out the rumors and any new information about the secretive features of this new phone. June 9th is the big day that the phone is supposed to be released amid lots of fanfare at a big conference. So I keep following and waiting impatiently.

I don't follow the English date much but as we get closer to Shavuos the dates take on a greater clarity. So much so that when I woke up Shabbos morning a scary thought dawned upon me. Shavuos is getting closer and so is June 9th. Uh Oh, I thought, could it possibly be? I ran in a panic to my trusty calendar and 'lo and behold' my worst fear was realized. June 9th is exactly the day of Shavuos! What a wake up call. Here I am making believe I am Mr. Frum counting Sefira and this year I am anxiously awaiting Shavuos more than ever before but not for the Torah, for a mobile phone. Oy Lanu MiYom HaDin Oy Lanu MiYom HaTochacha!

Maybe I took Shavuos for granted. Maybe I didn't really think about what I get on Shavuos. The Seforim HaKedoshim say that Shavuos is the Rosh HaShanah for Torah and Hashem decides what we get next year. What does that mean? We ask Hashem in davening "V'Sein Chelkeinu BiTorasecha", every one has a certain allotted portion of Torah. On Shavuos Hashem will decide if my portion includes some Tosfos and Rishonim. Will I finally learn Halacha from the Shulchan Aruch like I should? Will I be zocheh to somehow fall into the right place and the right time and actually get introduced to Zohar and Sodos HaTorah? Will things work out at my job so that I will have sufficient time to learn B'Ravchus without many worries in the office? Will my family life be tranquil and not disturb my learning.

This little coincidence was a real Yerida L'Tzorech Aliya for me. It took a mobile phone to teach me what it means to get excited about Shavuos. I will put June 9th out of mind for now and keep focused on the real significance of next Monday. It will be Vav Sivan, the day the world stood still for the most dramatic product release ever. B'Ezras Hashem I hope this year on Shavuos, Hashem will give me lots of processing power to learn torah and many Gigabytes of memory so hopefully I can get to 40 with a little torah knowledge. Then I can start already start dreaming about next year's new models!

2nd Anniversary - Start Your Day the Torah Way - North London

From: Calculu Business Centre
Date: 14 August 2007 13:49:17 BST
To: Menasche Scharf

For immediate release

South Tottenham, 13 August 2007

"Start Your Day the Torah Way - North London celebrates its second anniversary.

By Menasche Scharf,

This coming Sunday, like any other Sunday over the past two years, there will be a Shiur given at the Biala Beis HaMedrash on Castlewood Road, at 9:20AM until 10:00AM.

With the active input of the infatigueable Rabbi Moshe Margulies - who is the mainstay of the Shiur throughout the year - there will be an added portion of Torah learning.

Following the regular Shiur, the members - who had the pleasure of completing another year of delightful learning new subjects on a daily basis - will be joined by the dedicated speakers - who freely give of their precious time to disseminate Torah - in celebrating the second anniversary of Torah Way - North London.

The celebration will take place at the Palmers Green and Southgate United Synagogue Shul Hall, on Brownlow Road (Driving directions: near Bounds Green Piccadilly line Underground Station), with the kind invitation of Rabbi Emanuel Levy, who is a regular speaker at Start Your Day The Torah Way - North London.

Free transportation will be provided from the Biala Shtiebel after the regular Shiur and light refreshments will be laid out in situ in the Shul Hall.

The guest speaker Rabbi Avrohom Katz, director of the New Girls Seminary in Gateshead - who is coming down specially for the occasion - and Rabbi Emmanuel Levy, the Shul's Rov to be speaking in honour of the celebration.

Rabbi Katz will also be speaking at Start Your Day the Torah Way - North West London, after which he will proceed to the anniversary event. Regular listeners from North West London have expressed an interest in attending the anniversary and indeed, we hereby invite the general public as well as attendees from Start Your Day the Torah Way in North West london, Edgware and - if they happen to be in London - from Antwerp, Gateshead and Manchester to come and join us for a L'Chaim.

Start Your Day the Torah Way is a Adult Learning Programme that started in Manchester about four years ago by people who wanted to literally Start their Day the Torah Way.

Since its inception, branches have sprung up in North and North West London, Gateshead, Edgware and Antwerp followed suit, with its unique style: in Yiddish. The web sites are on the following urls: www.torahway.org.uk and www. torahway.co.uk and soon to be expanded!

Recordings of past lessons are available on the Kol HaLoshon dial up service from contact points in most major Jewish centres worldwide. It now boasts four channels on Kol HaLoshon, accessible from all major Jewish communities worldwide where there is a local dial-up number.
Shiurim can also be downloaded in digital formats such as iPod, MP3, CD and Tape or kistened to as PodCasts.

For more information eMail info@calculu.co.uk."


Menasche Scharf

Start Your Day the Torah Way - North London

Calculu Business Centre
8 - 10 Timberwharf Road
Fairweather Wharf
N16 6DB
England, UK

T: +44 08456 98 00 44
F: +44 (0)20 82 111 782
M: +44 (0)7974 160 252
w: www.calculu.co.uk

Karlsruhe, 15 May 2006

From: menasche scharf
Date: 16-May-2006 18:50
To: menasche.scharf@gmail.com

For immediate release.

Karlsruhe, 15 May 2006

This year, as in the past couple of years, the pilgrimage to the resting place of Rabbi Nathanael Weil (picture attached: Rabiner_netanel_weill.gif) in Karlsruhe, Germany took place on the occasion of his Yahrzeit, 15th Iyar. As this year's anniversary fell on Shabbos, it was postponed for Sunday 14th May.

For the first time in many years, there was a minyan at the grave, composed of visitors from Antwerp Belgium, London, England and also some local people.

The Korban Nesanel, as this highly esteemed Rabbinic authority is called lived in Karlsruhe and was buried there. However his soul departed in neighbouring Rastatt, reportedly on the eve of the holy Sabbath. It has been recounted that whilst the Jewish community of Rastatt were adamant that the Holy Rabbi should be laid to rest in their Cemetery, the Jewish community in Karlsruhe insisted that his wish was to be buried in his hometown. By the time the Karlsruhe community succeeded in convincing their Rastatt counterparts to honour the deceased Rabbis wishes, it was already Friday afternoon, nearing candle-lighting time. As much as the hearse hurriedly proceeded along the Rastatt-Karlsruhe road, they couldn't fathom how they would manage to respectfully carry out the burial of their beloved leader before sunset. Lo and behold, the sun literally waited until the last respect was paid and the mourners started for their homes to light the Sabbath candles. This episode is alluded to in the engraving on the tombstone (picture attached: KARLSRUHE MAY 06 006.jpg), which has withstood the ravages of Napoleonic, Prussian and European wars for nearly three centuries.

With regards to the exact date and time of Rabbi's Weil's 'petira', Mr David Seldner contends that there are differences between the local council's version and the universally accepted version. The date on the Korban Netanel's tombstone is 7.5.1769, which was on a Sunday (30 Nisan 5529, Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar). However, according to Jewish sources, he was niftar 15 Iyar 5529, which was the 22 May 1769 and was on a Monday. To compound matters further, it is a well-known historical fact that Erev Shabbos was the day he was niftar. In fact, the levaya was attended by many gentiles, who regarded him as their 'wunder-rabiner'.

In the late 1800's, the local municipality won a decades-long legal wrangle with the local Jewish community, regarding the relocation of the Jewish cemetery on Mendelssohn Platz, to make way for a new tenement complex. The last funeral there was in 1826 and the remains were transferred en masse in 1898, to the cemetery in the Kriegsstrasse (which was closed in 1896) and also to the now still used cemetery in the Haid-und-Neustrasse. This is when the remains of the holy Korban Nesanel, together with many hundreds of Kevorim were transferred to their current resting place. Rabbis from the local provinces, together with some French Rabbonim were involved in the transfer, to ensure all was done according to Halocho.

Traditionally, Jews from surrounding cities - as far away as Zurich in Switzerland and nearby Strasbourg, France - used to frequent his burial place to spend time praying for salvation, for health and other requests.

Since Reb Dovid Scharf, a Belz Chossid from Antwerp, Belgium started visiting the grave, improvements became noticeable. It is to be hoped that the merit of this great Rabbi, who has guided so many generations with his prolific Halachic writings, will effect salvation and blessings on the Jewish people and especially those who took the trouble of praying at his resting place.

According to Mr Seldner, head of the Jewish Community, there were two synagogues and one Hassidic shtiebel – the first of its kind in the whole of Germany - before the 2nd

World War, all were destroyed during this infamous period.

As a sign of the rejuvenation of the Kehilla, a new purpose-built Shul was built in 1971, in the shape of the Mogen Dovid (David' Star). It is well attended by some 30 people on a regular Shabbos and about 300 worshippers flock there on the high holidays.

In what could be termed as a positive development, this event cemented the beginning of a link between several Jewish communities throughout Europe. All participants were unified in the aim to further the dissemination of Jewish values and enhancing the life of a fellow Jew.

There are many descendants of this famous Torah personality living around the globe, who might be interested to know more about visiting the Kever. To make initial contact, send an eMail message to: menasche.scharf@gmail.com.

Kiruv Convention - Instalment Number II

To: Calculu Business Centre
Sent: Mon, 4 May 2009 20:32

Subject: New Event for the Jewish Community on North London

For immediate release.

London, 05/05/2009

By: Jonathan Stern

After a successful event to commemorate the late Rabbi Noach Weinberg OB"M, founder of Aish HaTorah (See our press release that was sent to you 26/03/2009), we are now ready to embark on the sequel.

The official launch of the FIRST KIRUV CONVENTION to be held on ב' סיון, יום המיוחס Monday 25 May '09 למספרם, will be held in North London.

The theme of the convention is : את אחי אנכי מבקש - "Where are my lost brethren?"

The main three goals are as follows:
- Learn how to be Mekarev Tenokos Sheneshbu לקרב נדחים לאביהם שבשמים
- Increase Torah study in general - להגדיל תורה ולהאדירה
- Improve the Chinuch system - תיקון המדות במערכת החינוך

Starting in the morning with an introduction by one of the UK's leading Rabbonim, there will be a rich programme which will enhance the preparatory activities leading up to the holiday of Shavuos — when Jews all over the world celebrate Receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai.

A guest speaker — a leading light in the world of Kiruv — will be flown in from the USA and we hope to benefit from the input of local activists who will help the organisers with planning and logistics.

We hope to attract people from all walks of life who are interested in learning and teaching our fellow-Yidden about the rich heritage that is rightfully theirs and has been for thousands of years.

The afternoon will be dedicated to a more individual approach by encouraging attendees to choose from a variety of workshops. These will be led by men and women whose working and waking hours are consumed with the desire of disseminating the precepts of Judaism to the wider Jewish public. Learn from the experts, take home some tips and tricks and encourage your neighbour, friend or family to return to the fold — all in a pleasant way.

Venue: TBC
Sponsorship opportunities are still available, please call the number
below or eMail20info@calculu.co.uk

Further details:
Menasche Scharf
Calculu Business Centre

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: menasche scharf
Date: 25 May 2009 17:35

Dear Rabbi,

Instalment Number II

By now you surely realise that the planned convention hit a bump or two along the start. . .

Our representative tried to explain to the Rabbinate what we are planning to do, but was stonewalled at the outset by some of the esteemed members.

It seems that they view us as Maskilim in disguise, who are trying to pry away 'our' cream of the crop by inculcating them with doubts in our belief (loosely translated).

We now have to regroup and approach the subject with much more preparation; we're dealing here with stubborn people who are rooted in a defensive stance projected by post-war ultra-Orthodox Jewry. This was a valid approach - is still valid in certain aspects - as long as the tide was turning against us. We're now in a viable position where the new generation of rootless Jews are toothless when it comes to attacking authentic Judaism. The conditions on the battlefield have changed so much that even the strategists and analysts are pointing to a turning of tables vis-a-vis the enemy: the antagonistic, agnostic and atheist Jew is now being embattled from within.

Sorry for the long-winded and disjointed message, I'm just too tired to start all over again with this convention.

The team now wants to hold the event in Ellul - what do you think?


Aish HaTorah in Stamford Hill

From: "menasche scharf"
Sent: 26/03/09 20:11
Subject: Very Successful Event for Aish HaTorah in Stamford Hill

For immediate release:

London, 26/03/2009

Q. English speaking presentation on Kiruv in the heart of Ultra-Orthodox
Stamford Hill?

A. In what can be described as a shift in public attitude, the Aish HaTorah
evening proved just that!

The response from the attendants and enquiries that kept pouring in during
the run-up to - and after the event, filed the organisers with confidence.

The Aish HaTorah gathering was dedicated to the revered memory of its
founding father and world renowned mentor to thousands of devoted Talmidim,
the late Rabbi Noach Weinberg OB"M, who was Niftar recently.

It was chaired by Rabbi Chazkel Dovid Halberstam who eloquently explained
the theme of this symposium: Our generation's ignorant Jew can be likened to
the fourth son in the Hagadda, who doesn't ever realise that there are
questions that need asking; that there are answers to be had. Indeed,
fourth-generation immigrants to countries outside of Eastern Europe have
lost their centuries long hallowed ID somewhere between Hamburg and Ellis
Island or in the choppy waves linking Gdansk with Hull.

The main guest speaker Dayan Yonason Abraham Shlita, of the London Beth Din
enthralled the assembled crowd with his masterly crafted appreciation of the
"Noach" of our generation, who single-headedly established a global
organisation dedicated to Kiruv.

The Dayan mesmerised all present with his heartfelt plea to enlist in the
mammoth task of helping to save precious Jewish souls from being left behind
in their ignorant lifestyle.

Explaining the meaning of VeOhavto - the first word in the second verse of
the Shema, he read out the words of the Rambam: Your love of HaShem should
reach such a level that it will compel you to constantly expound on HaShem's
goodness, causing others to love Him too.

In quoting the promise of the Torah "Kee Lo Yedach Memenoo Nedach" כי לא ידח
ממנו ידח that in these words the Holy Creator has codified a message for
generations to come, that come what may, no נשמה may be given up as lost to
the Jewish people.

When describing Rabbi Weinberg's virtues, he presented the words of the
Chovos HaLevovos that: those who bring people nearer to HaShem are on a
higher level than the Nevi'im (Prophets)!

Rabbi Weinberg Ztzl, was attuned to the voice emanating from Sinai, the cry
to arms for every Jewish person: "woe to those who let the Torah lie on the
sidelines in shame". He felt the heartbeat of the Jewish people as a whole,
he listened to the spiritual cries of millions of our brethren who were born
into an environment devoid of any vestige of Yiddishkeit.

In closing, the Dayan impressed upon his audience to take the cue from Reb
Noach, become synthesised to the metaphysical sound waves wafting through
the Jewish world, to constantly be 'online' and pick up the silent,
passionate appeals for meaningful attention form our non-frum
co-religionists. When travelling, shopping or going about your life in
general, know that whomever you meet has the potential to become Torah
observant - without you as much opening your mouth! Your actions speak more
than you could ever imagine.

By encouraging each and every one attending this auspicious meeting to
become an ambassador for the Torah and its relevant-to-life teachings, the
speaker then closed with an emotionally charged story, which brought home
the concept that you don't have to be a Kiruv Professional to be Mekarev the
Children to their Forefathers.

Rabbi Shimshon Silkin of Aish HaTorah UK took the floor for the remainder of
the evening.

He welcomed the esteemed guest, Rabbi Yosef Dov Babad Shlita, Rav of the
Belz Kehilla in London, who took time off his busy schedule to encourage
such important cause.

Rabbi Silkin then launched in a Halachic discourse, proficiently
demonstrating the many Halachic sources one can find that point to this
important life-saving act of leading Jews who are astray onto the right path
of Torah and Mitzvos. He stressed the many Mitzvos and Chiyuvim DeOraisoh
involved in Kiruv Rechokim – including the Rambam (Mitzvas Ahavas HaShem
based on Gemoroh in Yuma and the Sifri) that to properly fulfil Ahavas
HaShem one must demonstrate it by making Him beloved amongst the people. He
also quoted the Rambam that the mitzvah of Kiddush HaShem means to spread
awareness of HaShem amongst the people and to strengthen their Emunoh. Also
the Chofetz Chaim in Chizuk HaDas says someone who wants to be respected in
the next world will be asked if he was concerned for HaShem's Kovod in this
world by disseminating the reality of His Metzius. Furthermore, Rabbi Silkin
mentioned the Gemoroh in Rosh HaShana that a person can make Kiddush for
another person even if already made Kiddush, because the responsibility of
Kol Yisroel Areivim Zeh LoZeh goes so far as to say that if one person has
not fulfilled the mitzvah then in a sense neither have I - even if a person
has one Esrog but he knows of another town that does not, according to the
Mogen Avrohom he must send his Esrog to them and borrow someone else's. Also
the Shelo”h in Kedoshim says “Lo Sa’amod Al Dam Re’echoh” – “do not stand
idly by when another Yid is dying”, all the more so applies to saving his
Neshomoh from Aveiroh; the Minchas Chinuch agrees to this and adds that if
there is a Chiyuv DeOraisoh of returning a lost item, how much more so a
lost soul; also the Chofetz Chaim quotes the Rambam that if one does NOT
prevent a fellow Jew from sin when he could have, he is considered to have
committed that very sin himself and according to the Ramban he falls into
the category of Orrur, Chas VeSholom. Rabbi Silkin finished this part of
his presentation with the Pituchei Chosom of the Chasam Sofer who says that
Avrohom Ovinu did not manage to achieve the spiritual heights he would have
liked because he was too busy being Mekarev Rechokim. So HaShem said
“Hamechaseh Ani MeAvrohom?” Should Avrohom lose out? He was saving my
children!” therefore HaShem gave him special Siyata DiShmaya to achieve
those heights as a gift - so too, anyone 'losing out' their own learning or
Shteiging by doing Kiruv, will be guaranteed by HaShem to achieve those
levels anyway – he cannot lose out.

Rabbi Silkin then went on to describe practical methods for getting more
involved based on the acronym I-N-S-P-I-R-E. I- he said, stood for Impress.
The most important thing is to be a Kiddush HaShem, make a good impression;
N- nurture – make sure to take care of Talmidim, they are not scientific
specimens but rather people deserving real Ahavas Yisroel; S- Shabbos, there
is nothing like a Geshmakeh Shabbos meal. For those people reluctant to
invite secular people into their homes for Shabbos, Rabbi Silkin suggested
inviting them over during the week after the children are asleep; P-
publications, give them books to read and inspirational CD’s to listen to;
send them something inspiring before Yom Tov; I- interest, take genuine
interest in their lives; hear the questioner behind the question, try to
understand what their lives are like and what they are going through; R-
relationships; demonstrate to them how a Torah lifestyle is the answer to
the broken world of relationships – and perhaps try and help them with
theirs, E- email; a constant contact medium that's not too invasive and
gives time for them to learn without being put on spot.

The evening culminated with the screening of the audio-visual presentation
“Inspired Too” which brought home the message that every observant Jew is
capable of sparking interest in unaffiliated, seemingly uninterested people.
The video described numerous examples of “chance” encounters which led to
incredible results, demonstrating how easy it is to make a difference.
People out there are just waiting for someone to talk to them in a friendly
way. A few minutes conversation with a fellow passenger on a plane can
change his life and that of his descendants LeDoros, earning the catalyst
untold Zechusim. That plane trip might turn out to be a passport to more
unexpected places than either had imagined.

Special thanks were expressed to the many contributors: the shopkeepers who
graciously spared precious window space, the cake and refreshments were
likewise donated by Renbake and Carmel respectively, the management of the
Shul who hosted the event and at last: the selfless volunteers who
tirelessly helped with the logistics!

The organisers are now preparing the sequel to this successful endeavour;
for further information about the pre-Shavuos "Kiruv Fest", email
info@calculu.co.uk or call 08456980044.

More details about Aish HaTorah's activities can be found at: www.aish.com

First Convention for Kiruv - May 2009

Date: 12 May 2009 12:58
Subject: First Convention for Kiruv

Dear All,‎

Please see below details of our forthcoming event, which I think you
will find a twinkle of ‎recognition.‎

We hereby approach you with the purpose of partnering with your
charity for the above event.‎
‎ ‎
This event is a sequel to the much publicised remembrance evening that
was held in memory of ‎the most revered founder of Aish HaTorah, Rabbi
Noach Weinberg Ztz"L who passed away ‎recently. ‎
‎ ‎
The result of this was a resolution to take a fresh look at how we -
as religious Jews - view our ‎not-yet religious brethren and vice
‎ ‎
The aim of this innovative event is to capitalise on the many lost
opportunities in the daily lives ‎of frum people, where the main
factor is ignorance.‎
‎ ‎
Our one-day programme is geared to educate and train members of the
public in ensuring that no ‎one is left behind - we can and we must
encourage the Jews who are ignorant of their rich ‎heritage to take
the firs step in learning about Judaism in a practical way.‎
‎ ‎
We operate on an extremely austere budget and in order to reach our
target of £10,000.00 (details ‎of expenses are available, by request)
it would be an honour and a very great help if you could ‎extend your
benevolent donation to this very worthwhile cause.‎
‎ ‎
It is our hope to attract people in the hundreds, who in turn may
enlarge this circle exponentially ‎‎- the result of which you will
have had the benefit of sharing.‎
‎ ‎
You can reach me on my mobile number 07948 964 335‎
‎ ‎
Looking forward to your positive response, I remain ‎
‎ ‎
Yours faithfully,‎
‎ ‎
Rabbi Shlomo Yankovitz ‎
‎ ‎
Since writing the above letter, we now have some more 'flesh' to put
on the bones:‎
Opening speech: Rabbi O. Y. Baddiel
Guest speaker:‎
Main speaker:‎
Workshops moderators:‎
‎ - Rabbi ___________________ Learn how to be Mekarev Tenokos Sheneshbu
לקרב נדחים לאביהם שבשמים
‎ - Rabbi ___________________ Increase Torah study in general - ‎להגדיל
תורה ולהאדירה
‎ - Rabbi ___________________ Improve the Chinuch system - ‎תיקון המדות
במערכת החינוך

The above topics can be replaced/changed as per consensus from‎
participating volunteers, some of which are listed below:‎

Planning Committee:‎
Rabbi Shea Mordechai Diamant
Rabbi Chaskel Dovid Halberstam
Rabbi M. Z. Weinberg
Rabbi Shulem Stern
Rabbi Ben Zion Goldman

Rabbinical Advisors:‎
Dayan Yosef Babad
Rabbi Y. Z. Eckstein

Mr Y. M. B.
Mr Y. Y. O.

Fundraiser: Rabbi Shlome Yankovitz

Menasche Scharf

‎-- ‎

Sunday, July 26


From: menasche scharf
Date: 11 17:06
To: Calculu Business Centre


This is the Pesach Shiurim update, please inform all North London visitors!

EACH MORNING 9:20 to 10:00AM - Plenty of parking

PROGRAMME FOR WEEK OF פ' אחרי מות שבת הגדול תשס"ח

Shiur Number - Date (Greg. & Jewish) - Speaker - Subject
========== - ================ - ====== - ======
612 - Sunday 13th April ח' ניסן - Dayan Binyomin Eckstein - הלכות שנוגע לחג הפסח
613 - Monday 14th April ט' ניסן - Dayan L.Y. Raskin - הלכות יום טוב
614 - Tuesday 15th April י' ניסן - Rabbi Gavriel Lamm - מנהגי הסדר
615 - Wednesday 16th April י"א ניסן - Rabbi C.E. Bodner - בדיקת חמץ
616 Thursday 17th April י"ב ניסן - Rabbi Doniel deLange - נ"ך שופטים
617 - Friday 18th April י"ג ניסן - Guest Speaker - TBA

PROGRAMME FOR WEEK OF חול המועד פסח תשס"ח
Please note special times this week: EACH MORNING 10:30 TO 11:10 A.M.

Shiur Number - Date (Greg. & Jewish) - Speaker - Subject
========== - ================ - ====== - ======
618 - Tuesday 22nd April י"ז ניסן - Rabbi Elimelech Levy - (הגדה (המשך
619 - Wednesday 23rd April י"ח ניסן - Rabbi Pinchos Ginsbury
620 - Thursday 24th April י"ט ניסן - Rabbi Shlomo Bamberger
621 - Friday 25th April כ' ניסן - Rabbi Pinchos Lewin, Yeshivas Mir

Our Shiurim are available on Kol Haloshon: 0161 798 5500 (press #1 for English, #4 for Mussar & Chassidus, #31 for Torah Way - North London).

Great news from Kol HaLoshon! Brough to you courtesy of Start Your Day The Torah Way North London.

We created a locally installed program that you can use to download the MP3 files or listen to Kol Haloshon shiurim. This program is very similiar to the kiosk or Torah ATM machines that are available in some locations.

Please visit http://www.kolhashiurim.com to get your copy of the MP3 download software.

Installation instructions:
1) Download the Kol Haloshon MP3 Download Program zip file by clicking on the link at http://www.kolhashiurim.com.
2) Run the setup.exe.
3) If the program is already installed on your system, you will have to go to Control Panel and go to Add or Remove Programs. Once there, find KolHalshon - MP3 Loader program and uninstall it. You may go ahead and install it once again.
4) To start the program, click Start, then Programs, then click Kol Halashon and click the program called ATM Web Download.
5) Choose the appropriate language for the program.
6) This Kol Haloshon MP3 Download Program allows you to download the MP3 files to a local folder on your computer called c:\KolHalashon. In this folder you will find the files you have chosen to download.
7) Alternatively, the Kol Haloshon MP3 Download program allows you to interactively play the MP3 without downloading the MP3 to the computer's C Drive. Be aware that if your internet connection speed is slow, the shiur may sound "choppy".
8) On the main screen, you will see 3 buttons. The first button allows you to choose by Language. The second button allows you to choose by Lecturer and the third button allows you to choose by topic.
9) By going through the menus, you will have the ability to make a selection - happy listening!

We value your comments. If you have any issues about the Kol Haloshon MP3 Download program, please email info@kolhl.com with the subject "re: Kol Haloshon MP3 Download program."

Wishing you a Happy and Kosher Pesach

Menasche Scharf

Start Your Day The Torah Way - North London

08456 98 00 44

If you would like us to remove your eMail address from our eMailing
list, please reply with: "REMOVE" in the Subject Field.

E. & O. E.

Local and other news round up - December 2007

From: "Calculu Business Centre"
Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2007 5:44 PM
Subject: Fwd: Local and other news round up - Read all about it here


Dear all,

Another newsletter with the latest!

Before taking off to your winter holiday destination, make sure to
read through this update of ours:

OF Bank Holidays - פ' שמות- וארא תשס"ח
25th December ’07 to 4th January ’08
Location: The Biala Shtiebel at 110 Castlewood Road, LONDON N15,
plenty of parking space available, take Bus 318 from Stamford Hill
(outside Carmel Superstore)
Time: Every weekday from 9:20AM until 10:00AM
Also available on Kol HaLoshon: 0161 798 5500, press: 1,9,4 and follow
instructions (Shiur Numbers are shown at the beginning of each line)
520, Friday 28th December י"ט טבת Rabbi Shimon Hirschler שליט"א
521, Sunday 30th December כ"א טבת GUEST SPEAKER - Shotzer Rebbe שליט"א
from ירושלים
522, Monday 31st December כ"ב טבת TBA
523, Tuesday 1st January כ"ג טבת Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Raskin שליט"א,
Dayan of the Lubavitch Kehilla in North London and member of the ECR
524, Wednesday 2nd January כ"ד טבת Rabbi Elimelech - Immanuel Levy
שליט"א, Rov of Palmers Green and Southgate Shul Hall, on Brownlow Road
525, Thursday 3rd January כ"ה טבת Rabbi Mordechai Fein שליט"א
526, Friday 4th January כ"ו טבת Rabbi Gavriel M. Lamm שליט"א

2. Mekadshey Sheviyi - The Weekly Leyl Shishi Drosho
Rabbi Hershel Eckstein on the Weekly Parsha
Location: The Belzer Shtiebel, 96-98 Clapton Common, LONDON E5
Language: Yiddish
Also available on Kol HaLoshon : 0161 798 5500, press 3,1,4

3. TBT - Tiferes B'nei Torah in London, log on to:

4. This invitation is from Rabbi Osher Shapiro, the Mincha Men (and
much more...)
כולכם מזומנים!!! בואו וחזקו ידי הלומדי תורה
Learn Maseches Nedarim with Eli Goldman and the crew, followed by
Shacharis, Breakfast and Fun...

5. Updated list of Shiurim from kol HaLoshon
A couple of announcements
a) The last 8 years of Rav Asher Arielli's shiurim are available
in Yiddish, Yeshivos, Iyun and choosing Rav Asher Arielli.
b) Bnos Melochim are recording a daily shiur in Oz Vehadar Levusha by
Rav Falk. They are also recording weekly shiurim and "Inspiring
Lectures." They have a direct number (718) 906-6451. Other direct
numbers to some of our shiurim aer listed in the attached document.
c) Dr Mordechai Rubin (Riverdale) is recording a Daf HaYomi each
night at approximately 9:25 pm.
d) Rav Sender Osterlitz (New Square) is recording in Yiddish a shiur
in Meor Anayim at approximately 8:50 am. He also is giving shiurim In
d) Mrs Faigie BenShalom gives a Parshas Hashavua shiur, relating Torah
from her father, Rav Mordechai Miller, each Wednesday morning.
e) We recorded some of the Agudah Convention. It can be found at
English, Press 8 for Special Topics, Press 5 for Agudas Yisroel
shiurim, Press 6 for this year's convention.
f) We have uploaded 50 children's stories from Rav Meir Feldbrand in
Gedolei Chassidus, Stories about figures in Tanach, Tanayim and
Amorayim, and other assorted stories. More will be uploaded in the
coming days.
g) We have uploaded 46 shiurim on Chanukah from Rav Yisroel Dovid
Schlesinger. They are located at Yiddish, Tanach, Press 1 for Rav
Yisroel Dovid Schlesinger, Press 5 for Moadey Hashana. Press 7
for Chanukah.
h) We have set up a new MP3 download kiosk in Boro Park. It is
located in Gal Paz at 4616 13th Ave. The phone number there is
718-438-9414. You can come with your flash drive or MP3 player or
ipod or blank CD disks. Gal Paz also sells MP3 players and blank
disks. Most of Kol Haloshon shiurim are available at the kiosk.
Other kiosks in Montreal, Toronto and New Square are in the process of
being set up. A announcement will be forthcoming.
The greatest Hakoras Hatov for Kol Haloshon is telling others about
this wonderful free service. There are still many who have not heard
about us and can benefit from hearing the shiurim.


6. New Shtiebel in South Tottenham!
The new Shtiebel is now firmly established as the preferred venue for
the Avrechim who want a warm atmosphere for Kabalat Shabbath - pop in
and you will be impressed, not just from the Chazonim...

7. Making Aliyah Anyone?
Anyone who knows about a container departing from London, UK to Israel?
We need to send the contents of a flat to a recent immigrant. Any
leads would be appreciated. Conversely, if you want to send something
or some things, please let me know and I'll put you in touch - we can
all save on shipping costs and help a needy family in the process.

8. The Anglo and International Jewish Desk Diary for 2008 is now out.
Packed with useful information for the globe-trotting Rabbi,
businessman, holidaymaker or newcomer...
Available from The Hebrew Book & Gift Centre (Mail Order available,
Call: +442088020609 / Fax: +4402082111782 / eMail: info@calculu.co.uk)
or from your local bookseller.

9. New! Monthly Tehilim Cycle by eMail
If you find it hard to keep track of your daily Tehilim portion, just
reply to this eMail with the word Tehilim in the subject and you will
receive a PDF file every month with a daily listing.

10. Browse www.partnersintorah.org - learn something new, every week.

11. NEW! Kosher Web Surfing anyone? If you are interested, please
eMail us, we are nearing the final consultation stages and any input
would be appreciated.
The attached document details most our LIVE shiurim. An overall index
will be available shortly on our web site at www.kolhaloshon.com.

Menasche Scharf
Torah Way - North London
Calculu Business Centre
8 - 10 Timberwharf Road
Fairweather Wharf
N16 6DB
T: +44 08456 98 00 44
F: +44 (0)20 82 111 782
M: +44 (0)7974 160 252

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Wacky ideas, courtesy of Calculu Business Centre:
Grab the chance to win £££'s - log onto www.ghneville.co.uk and choose
from their range of filing and office stationery products

E. & O. E.

Friday, July 24

Thillim תהלים

Thillim - See attached

מצורף בזה תהלים לחדש אב


Other items
הקונטרס "ומקדשי תיראו" נתפשט כבר ברחבי העולם ובאתרים "לדעת" ו"שטייגען", ויותר ממאתיים אנשים כבר הורידו הקונטרס

ואני מצרף גם קטע ממה שנאמר אתמול בקו הציבור
Mincha Guide - update the guide with your minyonim during the summer holidays - eMail: calloosh@googlemail.com or call Oosh on 07870 MINCHA 646 242
Please kindly ask all your like-minded friends to join EdgwareK - tell them to visit: http://edgwarek.com/auth/registration.php
Listen live Kol Haloshon LIVE on 0161 798 5500 - enter code 1-9-1 followed by # batch number - shiur number
FOR MORE INFO CALL 07976 805 755
Listen to the shiurim or download them free www.torahway.co.uk
The following is in Hebrew from Kol HaLoshon: (apologies if you either have already received this message or you don't understand it)
NEW: You can now watch the Shiurim on web video: http://www.kolhashiurim.com/Eng/ShowDoc/ID/1171/
One Step easy download - just bring your USB key or MP3 player to MH
איך מרבים תורה בעולם בלחיצת כפתור?
ניתן להאזין לכל שיעורי קול הלשון (כ150 אלף שיעורים חיים ומוקלטים) במספרי הטלפון הבאים

קווי זהב 072-274-1111 (חינם! למנויי קווי זהב)

גלובקול 073-724-1111 ( חינם! למנויי גלובקול)

אקספון 078-818-1111 (חינם! למנויי אקספון!)

בזק 03-6171111

מחיר מנויי בזק לכל החברות והמספרים בעלות שיחת בזק!

גזרו ושמרו!

ולצרף לזה עיצה אישית

מי שאין לו שירות של מ7-7 (בו השיחות בלילה חינם)

כדאי שנדע!

עדיף להתקשר ממספרי החברות האחרות.!!!!

הם נתנו את הקוים ללא עלות, ומחיר השיחות חינם ללקוחותיהם!!!

הגיע הזמן שבזק יתנו גם שירות לכל כך הרבה אנשים שמשתמשים ב"קול הלשון"!

הם גובים מקול הלשון המון כסף על הקוים!
הם גם גובים מהמשתמשים מחיר מלא!

הבה נהיה שותפים ללחץ שיבהיר להם בשטח, שהמתקשרים משתמשים יותר בשאר החברות, לחץ שיוביל אולי אותם למסקנה הנכונה!!!

ו.. חדשה מרגשת יותר!
כל השיעורים ניתנים להאזנה דרך הרשת בכתובת הבאה

http://www.kolhashiurim.com/ Heb/

שם תוכלו להוריד שיעורים חינם! ואם תרצו גם להתקין את "אוצר קול הלשון" חינם במחשבכם

וחדש מהשבוע!
חלק גדול מהשיעורים בקול הלשון, ניתנים להאזנה בשידור חי ברשת!
הדף החל להיות פעיל מאתמול.
קישור לדף בעברית http://www.kolhashiurim.com/Heb/ShowDoc/ID/1119/

העבירו לחברים, שלחו לאתרים, ותרוויחו לזכותכם עוד מאות אלפי ורבבות שעות של לימוד תורה!

בברכת ונראה בנחמת ציון וירושלם

מנשה שארף

Thursday, July 23


Added 11/01/2007

Subject: mystache’s...

If a barber makes a mistake,
It's a new style...

If a driver makes a mistake,
It is an accident...

If an engineer makes a mistake,
It is a new venture...

If parents make a mistake,
It is a new generation...

If a politician makes a mistake,
It is a new law...

If a scientist makes a mistake,
It is a new invention...

If a tailor makes a mistake,
It is a new fashion...

If a teacher makes a mistake ,
It is a new theory...

If our boss makes a mistake,
It is our mistake......

If an employee makes a mistake,
It is a "MISTAKE"!!!

Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 12:33:33 EDT

If a friend makes a mistake,
It is a “prank”

If a child makes a mistake,
It is a “new fad”

New Year resolutions

By: Kriendy Scharf
Date: 19/08/2005

New Year resolutions are important. Can you imagine how people would behave if we would not have a Rosh Hashanah to make our Cheshbon Hanefesh? Even business men have their day of reckoning when they have to fill in their tax returns. In this way they know how their business is running and in which area there is a lack of funds. Most people will agree that although a final reckoning is time consuming and sometimes unfortunately you discover things you are not too happy about, at least it keeps us from straying too far from the correct path. So what hints can I give you about those New Year resolutions? The big secret to success is to be RESOLUTE about your RESOLUTIONS. Which means: stick to them. Make them short; make them simple but stick to them. First decide in which area you would like to improve we call that trouble shooting. Next: Think carefully what you can do about that problem. we call that seeking solutions You need a quiet room to do that in or even a quiet corner will do. A good place would be in your bed, just before drifting off into dreamland. Preferably use a pen and paper when you do this process it helps you concentrate. Do not worry about having that paper all neatly marked out. That is not the point of the exercise. You can scribble and doodle through your thought processes. Before you run of to get that blank sheet of paper I'll guide you through a few examples. Trouble Shooting 1: Shira from Vienna shared her weakness with me. My books are shabby, and dog eared with scribbles on the front cover. My teacher once called me over after marking my vocabulary test. She told me I know what you had for supper yesterday. You had yogurt and bread with chocolate spread. I stared at her in amazement. Frankly I was wondering what else she knew about my personal life. Till she showed me my vocabulary book. The last page had bread crumbs, pink yogurt stains and brown smudges on it. We did some Seeking Solutions together. Shira decided that she would no longer study or do homework in the kitchen or eating areas. It was too risky. She would designate an area in the dining room where she would do her work. She even typed out a poster Shira s Homework corner. Shira shared with me that her mother used to test her whilst preparing supper and that sometimes accounted for some oil splattering and further smudges. Shira thought for a while and then came up with the ingenious idea of putting her book in a see through lunch bag first before taking it to her mother. We even tried it out. It was perfect we could read everything very clearly. Shira thought long and hard about the scribbles on the front and the bent curly tops of her pages. In the end she called a friend who had the same problem. They decided that at the end of the first term they would compare their books. The one whose books looked the worse would have to buy a gift to reward her friend! Shira was very enthusiastic about the competition. Trouble Shooting 2: Coming to school the last minute or even worse coming to school late. Seeking Solutions: Prepare everything the night before. You leave nothing for the morning. Your school uniform, your tights, your sewing or art folder leaning onto your school bag so that you can t miss it. Small change for morning Tzedakah, or an envelope with money for lunch. Absolutely nothing is left for the early morning rush. Invest in a packet of those wonderful post-it notes. Stick a reminder on the front door. Take lunch out of fridge. I know a mother who refuses to sign homework, iron school blouses, or give coins in the last minute. She tells them if you don t ask me in a calm dignified manner, I m sorry you’ll just have to deal with your things on your own. Trouble Shooting 3: Rivka knows that she can act fresh. She gets into trouble too often. She claims that her mouth works faster than her mind. Seeking Solutions: Say the magic words I am sorry. Never answer back when you are being told off. Teachers understand that students are not angels. Take it from me a teacher of eighteen years. Students who admit to their weaknesses and apologise are admired for their strength of character. Students who are always arguing about their punishments show lack of character. They feel that they are saving face arguing; in reality the opposite is true. Accept rebuke with grace. Very often kids get themselves into deep trouble not because of their actual misbehaviour but rather because of the way they reacted when they were told off. Nothing wrong with an occasional apology letter if you find facing the teacher too hard. Remember though to be sincere. Starting your first day of school means a start to three terms of three stages.
Stage one: Survival Stage two: Maintenance Stage three: vision.
Stage one has been discussed in great detail - how to survive as a good student. It means basically staying out of trouble and making a good impression. It means meeting deadlines such as arriving on time, finishing projects and giving in homework assignments on schedule.
Stage Two to maintain those resolutions we need to be resolute. Keep looking back and check on yourself regularly for signs of slipping. It means doing that extra bit in order to grow as a student. It means skimming over your notes the night before so that you can participate when the teacher starts with revision work. It means offering to stay longer after school to prepare the walls for open day.
Searching for solutions is part of maintenance.
For instance Pella V wanted to work on the social aspect of school life. She was a good student but very shy and introverted. She bought a small calendar in which she recorded the birthdays of each of her classmates. They were touched that she made sure to remember them and give them a birthday card on their special day. That was all about MAINTAINING friendships. Offering to write notes for a student who will be away is another example of social maintenance.
Stage Three: Vision. You foresee the future. You have hopes, plans and aspirations.
Mascha A. from London has a special folder where she keeps articles of interest or thought provoking poems which she feels might come in use later on when she will be a teacher or group leader. My friend at school had an orange highlighter which she used to highlight interesting stories or parables so that she would find them at a glance. Another friend created her indexed story book over the years where she filed away according to subject, stories told by her school teachers. Wishing you luck in those vital three stages and more about it next time. Perhaps you would like to share with other Mishpacha readers some of your ideas for seeking solutions.

Yom Kippur Article - Mishpacha

By Kreindy Scharf
Date: 13/09/2005
“Wait for me” shouted Dov as Gavriel brushed passed him on the way home from Yeshiva. “Can’t stop,” said Gavriel urgently as he fingered the crumpled paper in his hand and checked his watch. Dov watched in hurt amazement as his usually friendly classmate and neighbour strode passed him with quick purposeful steps and half ran half walked across the busy main road. Gavriel, panting with exertion did not slow his pace until he arrived home. Gavriel put the key into the lock and smiled with pleasure as the door opened immediately. Since they had had a new lock put in he still hadn’t forgotten his previous struggles with the front door key! He remembered having to say Tehilim and beseeching HaShem to help him get the key into the correct position just this once. The door closed with a bang and the echo reverberated in the silent house. Again Gavriel had reason to smile, the silence was unusual - his mother had gone out with the family, for a day trip. That suited Gavriel just fine. Once again He took out the carefully folded paper from his pocket and checked the schedule he had written out q for the day. With a pen Gavriel carefully ticked off his accomplishments. Up at six for shacharis tick Revise 2 Blatt Gemorah tick (Gavriel still had 5 Blatt to complete before Yom Tov) Learn 2 Halachos of shemiras haloshon tick Gavriel eyed the wall clock nervously.He had only one hour in which to eat and since it was Chodesh Elul he had taken upon himself to learn an extra perek of mishnayos a day. Before that he still wanted to complete the Tehilim for the day. By the time Gavriel had finished saying Tehilim there was hardly any time left for eating since he davened with great kavonoh, and had added a special 2 extra kapitlach for his uncle who needed a Refuah Sheleimah. The clock chimed twice. Gavriel knew without checking that it was 2 o'clock. He was out of the house in a flash taking his precious schedule with him. The house was empty once more. It b óraced itself for the siege that was soon to come. The family would be home soon. Shifra felt bad for Gavriel. As the train sped smoothly towards home she watched dreamily from the window as the scenic mountainous view of Wales gave way to flat land. “Ma,” she said, “we've had such a fabulous time today, thank you so very much. Too bad Gavriel wasn’t with us I’m sure he’ll be sorry.“ “Oh no he won’t” said Shua. You know Gavriel, he’d be upset to waste precious studying time for something as mundane as climbing the Great Orme.“ Esther didn't say anything whilst Shifra kept up her repeated comments about poor Gavriel missing the tram ride up the mountain, missing the exhilarating walk down to the bottom and having to forego the delicious food mummy had packed for the long three-hour train journey. Deep down she decided that probably Gavriel was only pretending to love his learning. Who in his right m Zind she thought to herself would want to give up such a wonderful opportunity. She sighed contentedly as she sipped her drink, whilst trying to concentrate on the word search she had brought with especially for the long trip. The front door obliged smoothly as once again Gavriel put his key in the lock. At least that part of his coming home would go without a hitch.... “Gavriel” yelled Shifra “you can’t imagine how wonderful it was today. It was better than Switzerland - ten times better.” “It was yummy“ added Esther. We were right on top of the mountain and there were real sheep there right next to us and we could see the sea and Subject: Article for Mishpacah Junior - Continued Page 2 of 2 mummy had to wear a rain hat cos it was so windy and Zev.....”. “Okay, okay” Gavriel smiled distractedly at their excitement. He had far more impor ™tant things on his mind. “Where’s the calendar?”, he asked. Moments later he was heavily engrossed calculating how many days till Yom Kippur and whether his daily Halachos of Shemiras Haloshon was running on schedule. As if in a dream he heard his mother asking if he was hungry, and watched in a detached manner as his family chatted happily amongst themselves. He wanted to be in bed early tonight; he was tired. After all he had been up since five thirty - besides which, tomorrow he wanted another early start. Gavriel had no recollection of eating, although he did bentch with great kavonoh - after all it was Chodesh Elul! He mumbled a word of thanks to his mother and tried to look interested as Esther showed him the Victorian coin they had brought him for his coin collection. “Look’”, he pointed out to her, “it’s not even authentic it says replica at the bottom which means its fake -its just a copy of what a shilling o )nce looked like.” With that Gavriel yawned, turned around and headed for bed. The light in his room reflected dramatically on the poster of Perek Shira hanging opposite his bed. The animals beckoned to him realistically as Gavriel chanted the familiar words of Krias Shema, Suddenly Gavriel felt a cold shiver travel down his spine. He felt his body go tense as a horrible feeling overcame him. He was doing something terribly wrong. Standing there in front of the poster a sickening feeling of understanding overtook him. There it was, the stork Chassidoh. As in a dream, he --- He heard his Rebbe's voice as he had expounded on it. “Why?” the Rabbi had asked, is the Chassidoh not a kosher bird? Because as Rashi explains is called she does Chessed only with her species. “You understand”, the ^Rabbi had thundered, “a Yid cannot pick and choose who he wants to do Chessed with. A yid cannot decide this mitzvah is important to me this though isn’t....“. Gavriel sat down with a thud as he thought over his day. In his mind’s eye he saw Dov’s sad face as he had left him walk home from Yeshivah on his own without any explanation. He hadn’t even thanked his mother for supper or even complimented her on having managed to put a meal on the table after a strenuous day out. Esther’s disappointed face loomed before him. She had tried so hard to make him happy by bringing him a souvenir from Wales and he had been so quick to rebuff her. Gavriel put his hands to his face and groaned loudly. He was trying so hard to be a better boy and look how many people he had neglected in the process! He felt a piece of paper crackle in his pocket. It was that ã days schedule - torn and scruffy by now but Gavriel could easily make out that every single item had been proudly ticked off by him. “Thank you Chassidoh”, he murmured to the big stork on the poster, “thank you for warning me before it was too late. I still have time to do Teshuvah”. With pen in hand Gavriel set about preparing the next day’s schedule. Get up at six. Ask mummy if she needs anything on the way home from Yeshivah, Walk home with Dov ask him if he wants to learn with me in our spare time. Apologise for yesterday and explain..... Play with Zev. Ask Esther, Shua and Shifra about their day out. Thank them for the coin. Say Tehilim. Divide it amongst the family. Gavriel thought for a while. He eyed the bird on the wall one more time and looked again at the colourful display of all those animals, Then in capital letters at the bottom of his schedule he wrote “BE A MENTCH!

Belz 50th Yahrzeit


By Menasche Scharf

On the 50th yahrzeit of the holy Rebbe R' Aron of Belz zt"l, the central Belz beis hamedrash on Clapton Common was packed to capacity to commemorate the event . Participants arrived from many parts of town, after having seen the notices that were displayed in all shuls in North and North West London .

The main speaker Rabbi Shimon Hirschler Shlit"a, enthralled the gathering with anecdotes and insights pertaining the revered personality and elevated stature of the Ba'al Hahilula. He recounted how, when on a visit to London in the eighties Reb Sholom Shwadron zt"l, the legendary Yerushalmy Maggid retold a story which brought out the essence of the one whose sincere words penetrated the hearts of all who came into contact with him. Rabbi Yosef Lieberman Shlit"a of Yerusholayim, the brother in law of the Rebbe Zt"l told the following anecdote: Once during Shalosh Se'udos on the week preceding Rosh Chodesh Elul, he sat very near to the Rebbe and overheard him moaning to himself: "vos vet zyn mit meer, s'kumt shoyn Elul" - "what will become of me, Elul is upon us already", with the famous "Belzer Nussach". He recounted to Reb Sholom that ever since that Shalosh Se'udos - and this was thirty years later - whenever he hears proclaiming "Rosh Chodesh Elul yehyeh beyom...." on Shabbos Mevorchim Elul, his whole being is stirred to Teshuva - just from this sentence, which the Rebbe said to himself.

Dayan Babad Shlit"a, the Rabbi of the Belzer community in London recounted Divrei Torah from the saintly Rebbe. The Belzer Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yitzchok Rosengarten Shlit"a recounted stories that emphasised the refined middos, especially the purity of speech that were the hallmark of the Rebbe, he dwelled on the greatness and humility and how we in this generation could learn from this great Tzaddik's ways. Mr Naftoli Rokach of Golders Green bentched and the gathering finished with Ma'ariv after which the assembled departed on a high note of unity and preparedness for the oncoming Chodesh Elul and the holy days.