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Shana Tova

12 September 2007

Dear all,

Another year with even more news! Read all about it here.

With the approaching new year 5768, we wish all of Kellal Yisroel

שנה טובה ומתוקה, כתיבה וחתימה טובה

Local and other news round up:

1. Rabbi Osher Shapiro, of Kol Bonayich started a new Daf Yomi Shiur.
Location : The Karlin-Stoliner Shtiebel at 4 Castlewood Road, LONDON N16
Time : Daily 7:30AM, followed by Shacharis at 8:00AM, followed by Breakfeast
Language: English

2. TBT (Tiferes Benei Torah) started a new daily Gemorroh Shiur.
Location : The South Tottenham District Synagogue at 111-113 Crowland Road, LONDON N15 6UR
See the following url for map (indicated with yellow arrow) :
Time : 7:50AM until 8:30AM
Language: Yiddish

3. TBT - the weekly Hashkofo Shiur
Same location as 2.
Time : Every Wednesday from 8:15PM until 9:00PM
Language: Yiddish
Also available on Kol HaLoshon

4. TBT - the weekly Halocho Shiur: The Laws of Shabbos
Same location as 2.
Time : Every Thursday from 8:15PM until 8:45PM
Language: Yiddish
Also available on Kol HaLoshon

5. Start Your Day the Torah Way - North London
Location: The Biala Shtiebel at 110 Castlewood Road, LONDON N15
Time: Every weekday from 9:20AM until 10:00AM
Language: English
Also available on Kol HaLoshon
Diary for next week, Asseres Yemey Teshuva:
Sunday 16/09/2007: Rabbi M. Posen
Monday 17/09/2007: Rabbi Mordechai Fein
Tuesday 18/09/2007: GUEST SPEAKER
Wednesday 19/09/2007: Rabbi Gavriel Menashe Lamm
Thursday 20/09/2007: Rabbi Doniel De Lange
Friday 21/09/2007: Rabbi Avrohom Zonsajn

6. Mekadshey Sheviyi - The Leyl Shishi Drosho
Rabbi Hershel Eckstein on the Weekly Parsha
Location: The Belzer Shtiebel, 96-98 Clapton Common, LONDON E5
Language: Yiddish
Also available on Kol HaLoshon

7. Yom Tefillah - A Day of Prayer - As Featured in Kol Mevaser.
Like every year, there will be a massive prayer rally for all Cheder Yinglach (=junior school boys).
There are two separate events in London, North West and North London
The North London gathering will take place in the Skver Shul, which has recently been beautifully renovated.
Fathers are expected to bring their boy/s along from Kittah Heh (fifth grade) and up.
Local Rabbonim and Dayonim are also expected to participate. The Ladies' Section will be open.
Every boy attending will receive a snack, a Kol HaLoshon Instruction Card and a "Kavonos Kadish" Sticker,
(if you want a sticker/s, please send S.A.E. with a $1.00 bill or £1.00 charity voucher to: Calculu Business Centre, LONDON N16 6BD)

8. Start Your Day The Torah Way - NEW FOR 5768!
We're looking for English speaking chevra who would be interested in joining an early morning shiur at the Brenner Centre, Stamford Hill.
Free Coffee, Parking and Possibly Breakfast...
Any suggestions as to suitable times (i.e. 6:20AM, 8:20AM etc.) and duration (i.e. 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 1 hour etc.) are welcome.

9. Check out new books at :,, and

10. New Shtiebel in South Tottenham!
Look out for the news...

11. Flood Emergency Fund
Property Safety is proud to be sponsoring the Emergency Fund drive, run by Oxford University Chabad Society in Oxford:

12. Due to technical difficulties (also known as "teething problems) there was a delay in setting up the download station for MP3, iPod and sound files of Kol HaLoshon Shiurim in North London. In the mean time, see attached schedule of Kol HaLoshon Shiurim.

13. Fo more information abou the Calculu Training Centre's products, email us.

14. Kosher Web Surfing anyone?
If you are interested, please eMail us.

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Wacky ideas, courtesy of Calculu Business Centre:

2nd Anniversary of Start Your Day The Torah Way - North London


A short run-down of proceedings:

Chairman: Mr Aron Factor, who welcomed the guests, thanked all
supporters who give off their precious time and donors who help out
financially and gave a general overview
Introduction: Rabbi Ezriel Schechter, who also gave the main Shiur in
the morning before the celebration
Speech by: resident Rabbi Emanuel Levy, who added a plea to the
community that his hall and adjacent catering facilities are readily
available for all year round functions like Bar Mitzvha's, Sheva
Brochos, Anniversaries and the like. The hall is halfway between North
and North West London's Frum communities.
Songs Rendition: Chazzan Leiby Margulies from Gateshead led the
assembly in singing for the occasion
* Main Drosho: Rabbi Avrohom Katz, who entertained in his inimitable
style, engaged their brains in tongue twisters and brain teasers using
mnemonics, abbreviations and other exercises in Loshon Hakodesh and
English on the subject of Emes and Torah.
Main organiser of the event: Rbbi Moshe Margulies, Rosh Kollel Yad
Torah in Stamford Hill, who saw to all the logistics and a special
thanks to the Rebbetzin of the Shul, Mrs Levy who oversaw the catering
Acoustics: Rabbi Yechiel Fogel, who ensures a undisrupted supply of
speakers all year round also ensured that the loudspeakers - courtesy
of Mr Nachman Matyas - should be in place and working.
Securtiy: Thanks to the CST, the guest were looked after very well BS"D.

Full Steam ahead for Start Your Day the Torah Way!


The winter has barely started but the growing numbers attending the Shiurim are undaunted by the changing of the clock, nor by the change in the weather. Attendance for the daily morning Shiur in English was at a peak when the Farewell Speech from Rabbi Yaacov Mordechai Gee, (formerly Rosh HaKollel of Pinter Kollel?) was given, attended by Dayan Dunner, Dayan Greenaus and Dayan Babad. Dayan Dunner expressed the emotions from all present for having to part from such an esteemed member of the Stamford Hill community, reminiscing on the days when Rabbi Gee as a yeshiva bochur left England to learn in Lakewood under the legendary Rabbi Aron Kotler ob"m. The future programme of Shiurim is being influenced by the influx of ever more English speaking emissaries from abroad who give of their free time to share a Torah thought with our attendees. The weekly highlight is Sunday when a larger audience is in attendance, indeed this coming Sunday we expect a larger than usual public to come and listen to a lecture by Rabbi Sudak, spiritual head of the UK Chabad community, who has offered his valuable time even with his recent weak health. For Chanukkah, there is an impressive lineup of speakers that will usher in the higher sprits of Chanukkah with original Torah discourses to elevate their listeners to experience 'finding the oil = Torah Wisdom' in our days. It is hoped that many people who until now were unable to attend and perhaps have followed recorded Shiurim by using the Kol HaLoshon system, will now attempt to find the time in their daily schedules to attend in person.

Start Your Day the Torah Way News

For immediate release

South Tottenham, 13 August 2007

Start Your Day the Torah Way - North London celebrates its second anniversary.

By Menasche Scharf,

This coming Sunday, like every other Sunday over the past two years, there will be a Shiur given at the Biala Beis Hamedrash on Castlewood Road, from 9:20AM till 10:00AM.

But to mark the program’s second anniversary, as a result of the active input of the indefatigable Rabbi Moshe Margulies - who is the mainstay of the Shiur throughout the year - there will be an added portion of Torah learning this Sunday in celebration of this milestone.

Following the regular Shiur, members who have had the pleasure of completing another year of delightful learning of a wide range of varied and interesting Torah topics on a daily basis - will be joined by the programs distinguished and dedicated speakers - who freely give of their precious time to disseminate Torah - in celebrating the second anniversary of Torah Way - North London.

This celebration will take place at the Palmers Green and Southgate Shul Hall, on Brownlow Road N11, at the kind invitation of Rabbi Emanuel Levy, who is a regular speaker at Start Your Day The Torah Way - North London. Free transportation to the hall will be provided from the Biala Beis Hamedrash after the regular Shiur and light refreshments will be laid out in situ in the Shul Hall.

The event will be addressed by Guest Speaker Rabbi Avrohom Katz, Principal of the Beis Chaya Rochel Seminary in Gateshead - who is coming down especially for the occasion, and by Rabbi Emmanuel Levy, the Rov of Palmers Green Shul.

Rabbi Katz will also be speaking at Start Your Day the Torah Way - North West London, after which he will proceed to the anniversary event. Regular listeners from North West London have expressed an interest in attending the anniversary and indeed, the general public as well as attendees from Start Your Day the Torah Way in North West London, Edgware and - if they happen to be in London - Antwerp, Gateshead and Manchester are all welcome.

Start Your Day the Torah Way is an Adult Learning Program that was established
in Manchester about four years ago by people who wanted to literally Start their Day the Torah Way.

Since its inception, the shiurim (in English) have sprung up in North and North West London, Gateshead, Edgware, and Antwerp has also followed suit, with its unique
style: in Yiddish.

Recordings of past shiurim are available on four channels of the Kol HaLoshon Torah telephone sytem, accessible with a local dial-up number from major Jewish communities worldwide and are also available in various digital formats. - for more information please email:

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Local and other news round up - Read all about it here

Dear all,

Another newsletter with the latest!

Before taking off to your winter holiday destination, make sure to read through this update of ours:

1. START YOUR DAY THE TORAH WAY - North London - PROGRAMME FOR WEEKS OF Bank Holidays - פ' שמות- וארא תשס"ח
25th December ’07 to 4th January ’08
Location: The Biala Shtiebel at 110 Castlewood Road, LONDON N15, plenty of parking space available, take Bus 318 from Stamford Hill (outside Carmel Superstore)
Time: Every weekday from 9:20AM until 10:00AM
Also available on Kol HaLoshon: 0161 798 5500, press: 1,9,4 and follow instructions (Shiur Numbers are shown at the beginning of each line)
517, Tuesday 25th December ט"ז טבת Reb Yosef Sugarwhite שליט"א
518, Wednesday 26th December י"ז טבת R’ Ephraim Schiffer שליט"א
519, Thursday 27th December י"ח טבת Rabbi Ch. Michoel Biberfeld שליט"א, Rov of Crowland Road Shul, N15
520, Friday 28th December י"ט טבת Rabbi Shimon Hirschler שליט"א
521, Sunday 30th December כ"א טבת GUEST SPEAKER - Shotzer Rebbe שליט"א from ירושלים
522, Monday 31st December כ"ב טבת TBA
523, Tuesday 1st January כ"ג טבת Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Raskin שליט"א, Dayan of the Lubavitch Kehilla in North London and member of the ECR
524, Wednesday 2nd January כ"ד טבת Rabbi Elimelech - Immanuel Levy שליט"א, Rov of Palmers Green and Southgate Shul Hall, on Brownlow Road N11
525, Thursday 3rd January כ"ה טבת Rabbi Mordechai Fein שליט"א
526, Friday 4th January כ"ו טבת Rabbi Gavriel M. Lamm שליט"א

2. Mekadshey Sheviyi - The Weekly Leyl Shishi Drosho
Rabbi Hershel Eckstein on the Weekly Parsha
Location: The Belzer Shtiebel, 96-98 Clapton Common, LONDON E5
Language: Yiddish
Also available on Kol HaLoshon : 0161 798 5500, press 3,1,4

3. TBT - Tiferes B'nei Torah in London, log on to:

4. This invitation is from Rabbi Osher Shapiro, the Mincha Men (and much more...)
כולכם מזומנים!!! בואו וחזקו ידי הלומדי תורה
Learn Maseches Nedarim with Eli Goldman and the crew, followed by Shacharis, Breakfast and Fun...

5. Updated list of Shiurim from kol HaLoshon
A couple of announcements
a) The last 8 years of Rav Asher Arielli's shiurim are available in Yiddish, Yeshivos, Iyun and choosing Rav Asher Arielli.
b) Bnos Melochim are recording a daily shiur in Oz Vehadar Levusha by Rav Falk. They are also recording weekly shiurim and "Inspiring Lectures." They have a direct number (718) 906-6451. Other direct numbers to some of our shiurim aer listed in the attached document.
c) Dr Mordechai Rubin (Riverdale) is recording a Daf HaYomi each night at approximately 9:25 pm.
d) Rav Sender Osterlitz (New Square) is recording in Yiddish a shiur in Meor Anayim at approximately 8:50 am. He also is giving shiurim In Chanukah.
d) Mrs Faigie BenShalom gives a Parshas Hashavua shiur, relating Torah from her father, Rav Mordechai Miller, each Wednesday morning.
e) We recorded some of the Agudah Convention. It can be found at English, Press 8 for Special Topics, Press 5 for Agudas Yisroel shiurim, Press 6 for this year's convention.
f) We have uploaded 50 children's stories from Rav Meir Feldbrand in Gedolei Chassidus, Stories about figures in Tanach, Tanayim and Amorayim, and other assorted stories. More will be uploaded in the coming days.
g) We have uploaded 46 shiurim on Chanukah from Rav Yisroel Dovid Schlesinger. They are located at Yiddish, Tanach, Press 1 for Rav Yisroel Dovid Schlesinger, Press 5 for Moadey Hashana. Press 7 for Chanukah.
h) We have set up a new MP3 download kiosk in Boro Park. It is located in Gal Paz at 4616 13th Ave. The phone number there is 718-438-9414. You can come with your flash drive or MP3 player or ipod or blank CD disks. Gal Paz also sells MP3 players and blank disks. Most of Kol Haloshon shiurim are available at the kiosk. Other kiosks in Montreal, Toronto and New Square are in the process of being set up. A announcement will be forthcoming.
The greatest Hakoras Hatov for Kol Haloshon is telling others about this wonderful free service. There are still many who have not heard about us and can benefit from hearing the shiurim.

6. New Shtiebel in South Tottenham!
The new Shtiebel is now firmly established as the preferred venue for the Avrechim who want a warm atmosphere for Kabalat Shabbath - pop in and you will be impressed, not just from the Chazonim...

7. Making Aliyah Anyone?
Anyone who knows about a container departing from London, UK to Israel?
We need to send the contents of a flat to a recent immigrant. Any leads would be appreciated. Conversely, if you want to send something or some things, please let me know and I'll put you in touch - we can all save on shipping costs and help a needy family in the process.

8. The Anglo and International Jewish Desk Diary for 2008 is now out. Packed with useful information for the globe-trotting Rabbi, businessman, holidaymaker or newcomer...
Available from The Hebrew Book & Gift Centre (Mail Order available, Call: +442088020609 / Fax: +4402082111782 / eMail: or from your local bookseller.

9. New! Monthly Tehilim Cycle by eMail
If you find it hard to keep track of your daily Tehilim portion, just reply to this eMail with the word Tehilim in the subject and you will receive a PDF file every month with a daily listing.

10. Browse - learn something new, every week.

11. NEW! Kosher Web Surfing anyone? If you are interested, please eMail us, we are nearing the final consultation stages and any input would be appreciated.
The attached document details most our LIVE shiurim. An overall index will be available shortly on our web site at

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