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menasche scharf
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On 24/12/06, menasche scharf wrote:

Please find attahced the latest list of Torah Way (Start Your Day The Torah Way) Shiurim for North london. These can be listened to on Kol HaLoshon by dialling any of the numbers below:

International Local Access Numbers:

Antwerp Belgium (32) 3 747-0330
Baltimore: (443) 957-4610
Chicago: (773) 649-1057
Cleveland: (216) 539-4554
Eretz Yisroel (English): (3) 617-1095
Eretz Yisroel (Hebrew): (3) 617-1111
Eretz Yisroel (Local): (03) 915-5637
Florida: (954) 719-0600
Lakewood: (732) 719-3374
Melbourne Australia (613) 8807-4749
Mexico (English) (52) 55-5351-2476
Mexico (Spanish) (52) 55-5351-2666
Monsey: (845) 678-3337
Montreal: (514) 664-1304
New York (English): (718)906-6400
New York (Yiddish): (718)906-6420
New York (-חפץ חיים): (718)906 6450
Paris France (33) 1 7281 3016
Toronto: (647) 722-8736
United Kingdom (44) 161 798 5500

שיעורים Freealso include: International and local ,,הלכה ,מוסר ,תנ"ך ,חומש ,דף היומי, עניני דיומא שיעורים for women and children and more.


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Menasche Scharf
Torah Way - North London
Calculu Business Centre
8 - 10 Timberwharf Road
Fairweather Wharf
N16 6DB
T: +44 08456 98 00 44
F: +44 (0)20 82 111 782
M: +44 (0)7974 160 252
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Friday, October 9

Aish CrimeStoppers International

Not everyone is a Kiruv Guru. Still, people always encounter non-frum colleagues, customers and the like who would be the ideal Kiruv Candidate. Problem is: how do you approach them, how do you breach the subject, where do you take them afterwards? Solution:

Aish CrimeStoppers International

Just call AishAish 02024742474 080024742474 (numbers available . . .) and ask for the BT Desk.
You will be transferred to a very helpful Operative, who will ask you three questions:
1. Candidate's Name
2. Candidate's Gender
3. Candidate's contact detail/s

By passing on details of Candidates, you will have a share in saving Kelal Yisroel from oblivion!

Come on, didn't you speak to the plumber last week, who confessed that although he's Jewish, he doesn't knwo what one does when visiting Shul. You might be loathe to involve yourself with him/her, but at least you could let someone else tackle this Neshomo!

Menasche Scharf

London, UK