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January - Local and other news round up

21/01/2008, Dear all,

1. It's still not too late to say Parshas HaMon - An auspicious time to recite this is on Tuesday, the week of Parshas Beshalach

2. A Special Message from Project Awareness: VeAtem Tachrishun Week
The Shabbos of Parshas B’Shalach, Shabbos Shira, January 18/19, has once again been designated as an international Shabbos focusing on Kedushas Bais Haknesses and on spiritual awareness.
Parshas B’Shalach has been chosen based on the text in the Parsha, where Moshe Rabbeinu proclaims:
“Hashem Yilachem Lachem V’Atem Tacharishun” – you will be silent. Many Shuls and Batei Medrashim participate in this event. The idea is ever so simple – at least one Shabbos per year - Parshas Beshalach - participating Shuls make an all out effort to see that silence replaces chatter and davening replaces socializing.
The Rabbanim explain the purpose of this exercise and the Gabaim publicize it with posters and handouts.
Once a person has tasted the flavor of genuine Tefilah, there is every chance that he will be inspired to continue.
Surely Tefillah and respect for Tefillah as well as the House of Tefillah, can ensure that our Tefillos and those of our bretheren in Israel are accepted. Our best weapon is the mouth, the Kol of Yaakov.
Awareness has a message available in a poster form, as well as other ‘Awareness’ publications, inspirational videos, bookmarks & audio material, as well as a ‘Change The Way You Daven - Evening of Inspiration’ pack to enhance Tefillos and improve
synagogue decorum.
Contact us at: ‘AWARENESS’, POB 753, Monsey, NY 10952 845-362-8000 ext. 106, Fax 845-362-8008; email:

3. Start Your Day the Torah Way, North London - For full listing of past Shiurim or a weekly update of forthcoming ones, please reply to this eMail with: "SYDTTW List"

4. TBT news - Join us in wishing TBT a mazal tov on their first anniversary - For the latest Shiurim, visit

5. Mobile in Shuls news - look out for information in the local and international press: "How to manage your mobile in Shul"

6. Calculu training news - We will soon be launching our training catalog and programs - watch this space...

7. New Kol HaLoshon directory - you can now download it from:

8. Tehillim for Shevat PDF - if you want this month's Thellim calendar on PDF, reply with "Tehillim"

9. Kosher web news, if you haven't signed up for Jnet, KosherWeb or
other filters, try this:, which lets you filter out unwanted Internet sites like indecency, online gambling, violence, and other content. It's K9 Web Protection, from Blue Coat Systems and it's free for personal use. The program downloads quickly (less than a minute) and is easy to install.

10. A step in the right direction - if you want to prevent indecent content from your workplace, try the following: visit and choose the Radio Button next to:
Use strict filtering (Filter both explicit text and explicit images)

11. The Mincha Guide is now out - if you live in the UK, reply with "Mincha Guide". For the rest of the world, visit:

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