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02 February 2007

The following list of Shiurim is for next week, 04/02/2007 to 10/02/2007 (British Date Format...) at Start Your Day the Torah Way - North London - enjoy!

Monday Rabbi Betzalel Weiss
Tuesday Rabbi Nachman Sudak
Wednesday Rabbi Moshe Margulies
Thursday Rabbi Ben Zion Stempel
Friday Rabbi Aharon Flohr

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Chicago: (773) 649-1057
Cleveland: (216) 539-4554
Eretz Yisroel (English): (3) 617-1095
Eretz Yisroel (Hebrew): (3) 617-1111
Eretz Yisroel (Local): (03) 915-5637
Florida: (954) 719-0600
Lakewood: (732) 719-3374
Melbourne Australia (613) 8807-4749
Mexico (English) (52) 55-5351-2476
Mexico (Spanish) (52) 55-5351-2666
Monsey: (845) 678-3337
Montreal: (514) 664-1304
New York (English): (718)906-6400
New York (Yiddish): (718)906-6420
New York (-חפץ חיים): (718)906 6450
Paris France (33) 1 7281 3016
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United Kingdom (44) 161 798 5500

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By Kriendy Scharf

Call it a helter skelter or a roller coaster. Whatever it is you know the feeling, Your stomach drops with every twist and turn. You stare ahead at the enormous rails you are about to climb and your heart leaps to your throat as you contemplate the plunge you are about to take.
It might surprise some of you to know that those very same sensations are not exclusive to roller coaster rides at an amusement park. There are students who experience great feelings of trepidation on their first day of returning to school after the summer vacation. Students have shared their fears, mixed with excitement to such an extent that they toss and turn in their beds the night before the great day BACK TO SCHOOL.
In case you’re thinking “Oh not to be a student and cease having to go through
At least Mrs Jacobs is doing something positive to help ease those BACK TO SCHOOL jitters. Better than bashing about in your bed worrying and looking worn out on a day when you really wan to look your best and make a good impression. After all, as the saying goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”
I have spoken to several teachers and asked them how they like
You might the following information handy.
Teachers like their students to be well prepared and organised. Have your relevant equipment ready. Have your items neatly name labelled. That will show that you look after your belongings. Your books wrapped - it does not have to have the latest Winnie the Pooh pictures or Smiley Face theme in order to IMPRESS. Clearly written names and subject title on durable stickers are more important. Will you be able to identify quickly and easily which book is Kodesh and whichep the teacher waiting whilst you rummage about in your desk, locker or rucksack? Don’t forget those dreaded words “okay students which row will be ready first this time?”
Have your hair neatly tied back. If you are due to have your haircut have it done before the first day BACK TO SCHOOL. Above all make sure not to miss that first day by having some appointment scheduled because “anyway not much learning is done on that day”. Esty A from London shared her experience of an entire school year that went “bad” because she missed the crucial first day rules and expectations given by her form teacher. When she did something out of context on the second day of school she felt immediately in her teacher’s bad books and was too embarrassed to explai
What do I advise students to do to make a good impression on that first day BACK TO SCHOOL?
Mrs G a headteacher of a secondary school for many years shared the following with me.
New students who come back after the holidays and enter the school boisterously as though they own the building put up a very bad front. She likes to see students subdued and serious and prepared to accept authority. In her orientation assembly she confided, she notices immediately the students who in their way are privately making mental decisions on which rules they agree with and which ones they would not implement if they were running the school. If you wan to make that first impression of yourself a good one s
So, you’ve prepared every thing including snack and sandwiches and had your shower the night before.Your hair is fresh and tidy and you’ve said extra Tehilim. You are full of good resolutions. Your books and briefcase will be neat and tidy the entire year. You will leave early every day. This time your report card will display only A’s and your behaviour will make your parents and grandparents glow with pleasure.
It won’t work says Mrs V a teacher of many years (and former student). Decide upon one weakness you wish to work on. Make that your year’s resolution. write it on several
After all as as a student your obligations are many. You would like to do well in your studies. You want to become a better person. You also wish to be accepted socially. No wonder you had to have an eight week vacation. The English students have had to cram all their resolutions within a mere five weeks. Perhaps they are just quicker thinkers....