Thursday, March 20

No Time For Complacency

Dear All,

Long time no speak, I was meant to send you an update of what's happening in
the world of Torah. Due to an extremely busy schedule, this was impossible.

Until now; due to the recent happenings I feel compelled to write,
there's no place for complacency and I sincerely hope that you will share this view.

The Sheloshim (lit. 30, meaning 30 days) of the eight Kedoshimh
(martyrs) from Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav falls on Sunday, 1 Nissan 5768
(6 April 2008).

However as the Halacha (Jewish Law) prohibits holding eulogies in that
month, in addition of it being Rosh Chodesh (lit. the Head of the Month),
the only alternative is to hold a Yom Kippur Koton (lit. mini Day of Atonement -
as is done in many Jewish communities on each and every Erev Rosh
Chodesh, before the beginning of the new month) on the previous Thursday.

It is worthwhile to point out that in a leap year - as in this year - we are in need
of more Tefillos, being that there is one more month than a regular year.

Furthermore it is the onset of the Bein haZemanim (lit. in between the terms),
when youngsters - and sometimes adults - are prone to expose themselves
to danger more than any other times during the year.

In light of all the above, I would like to ask you to approach your Rabbi,
community leader or other person with influence (i.e. editor, community
activist etc.) and propose to have a special session in Shul. Yeshiva and
School to reflect on this grave happening.

Please, if you have the means to forward this message to friends and family,
see instructions at the end of this message.

It would be ideal to combine the Yom Kippur Koton service combined with a
sermon to join in the collective mourning that we, as a people are going through
- especially when we need so many more Yeshuos (lit. salvation), amongst
others in the following areas:
- Help for the displaced Gush Katif residents
- Encouragement for Sderot's citizens - wherever they are
- Yemenite Jewish Community
- Syrian Jewish Community
- Other problems prevalent in our own communities

Let's all join in Tefillah (lit. prayer), without any walls that are dividing our
beautiful global community, it is about time we take down the barriers that
run along political or tribal lines. When every part of the Jewish world
aches for those unfortunate families of the murdered Bachurim (lit.
youngsters), the hurt and the anguish transcends petty divisive
considerations. This goes to show that in essence we're all ONE,
hailing from the same source, aiming for the same goals and hoping
for the same good - for all of the people of Israel.

It is a Segula (lit. charm) to recite Chapter 22 of Tehilim (lit. Psalms) on
Ta'anit Esther (lit. the Fast of Esther) - well over the fast.

See the attached Tehllim Diary for Adar II - very handy.

See: - just a thought...

The updated directory of Shi'urim on Kol HaLoshon is now available

Wishing you a Happy Purim,

Menasche Scharf

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