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Torah Way North London ‎Update, Adar 5766‎

Communicated: 1 Adar 5766 (27/03/2006)

Jonathan Stern

Listeners to the Torah Way North London programme on Kol Haloshon, as well as the regular visitors to the Biala Shtiebel in Castlewood Road in South Tottenham were treated to an extraordinary discourse on Emunoh, Bitochon and Divine Intervention (lit. Hashgocho Protis).

The speaker was octogenarian Rabbi Yitzchok Wiesenfeld, acting Rabbi and spiritual leader to the New Shul's Minyan at the Victoria Community Centre in Egerton Road.

Spiced with sayings of our sages from previous generations and punctuated with his own insights, he skilfully wove a chain through the Parshyios relating our Egyptian stay and subsequent sojourn in the wilderness.

Regular fans will notice the growing number of recorded Shiurim on the Kol HaLoshon system, which has now reached over thirty.  These include sessions on Sundays and Thursdays, mostly delivered by local Rabbonim on a one-off basis. 

Rabbi Yaakov Mordechai Gee will deliver the coming Sunday's drosho (05/03/2006), followed by Rabbi Yechiel Fogel on the Sunday after (12/03/2006).

A new system is G-D willing now being introduced whereby there will be a regular speaker on Thursdays, every three to four weeks.  Each contributor will focus on a particular area in the vast expanses of Torah: the weekly Parsha, History, Hashkofo etc. - all with the aim to enrich the lives of our ba'aley battim and enhance their day in a Torah-dige fashion.

We now have the privilege of introducing some of the regular Maggidey Shiur for alternating Thursdays: Rabbi Mordechai Fine, Rabbi Gavriel Menashe Lamm, Rabbi Yechiel Fogel and Rabbi Yerachmiel Tzvi Halpert.

The beauty of Torah Way is that it becomes contagious; people tell their friends, who relate their new-found experience to family, who in turn make sure to bring along yet another newcomer-friend.  Indeed - regulars are being reminded to be generous, to share the joy and spread the word about the wonderful, uplifting words of wisdom they acquire in these short sessions with long ranging effect.

A special guest speaker is planned for Purim day - start it the Torah Way.  Watch out for more details on the Shul noticeboards and in the news. 

As has been previously reported, Yiddish-speaking listeners have not been left out - tune in on Kol HaLoshon and dial extension 3111 to hear the legendary Rabbi Hershel Eckstein every Thursday evening between 20:20 to 23:05 on the Mekadhsey Shevi'i channel.

Torah Way, the daily morning Shiur started two years ago in North Manchester and now operates in North and North West London.

We are now in the process of publishing a Torah Way Diary, an A4 flyer listing forthcoming Shiurim until Erev Rosh HaShana.  For further details, call Menasche Scharf on 07974 160 252.

Join our journey on the Torah ‎Way!‎ 21/12/2005

Communicated: 20 Kislev 5766 (21/12/2005)

Torah Way North London Update, Chanukah 5766.

Torah Way is pleased to announce the conclusion of a very successful
'Zman' this winter.  Over four hundred hours were accumulated during
the twenty-plus sessions, with a number of listeners on Kol HaLoshon
and other media.

This Sunday past, we had the privilege to listen to enlightening words
from Rabbi Yitzchok Greenbaum Shlita.
As usual, the lecture was given in the comfortable surroundings of the Biala
Shul in South Tottenham.
The topic this week was: The connection between Vayeshev, the weekly
Sedra and Chanukah - to invigorate the Jewish life with meaning in everyday
Avodas HaShem and Achdus: Bein Odom LaChavero.  Incidently, this was
also the topic of the previous Sunday speaker, Mr Yitzchok Silkin, of Project SEED.

For Chanukah, (which coincides with the local holidays,) we are running
a special range of daily Shiurim, in addition to the regular Sunday
and Thursday sessions.
Speakers lined up for Chanukah are:
Sunday, Erev Chanukah: Mr Joseph Sugarwhite FCA - "The Light of Chanukah"
Monday, First Day of Chanukah: Dayan Binjomin Eckstein
Tuesday, Second Day of Chanukah: Rabbi Pinchas Schneebalg Shlita
Wednesday, Third Day of Chanukah: Rabbi Shimon Knopfler Shlita
Thursday, Fourth Day of Chanukah: Dayan Levy Yitzchok Raskin Shlita
Friday, Fifth Day of Chanukah: Rabbi Moshe Margulies Shlita - Rosh
HaKollel Yad Torah - "Various Topics Which Apply For Chanukah"
Sunday, Seventh Day of Chanukah: Rabbi Shlomo Reich Shlita
Monday, Eighth Day of Chanukah: Rabbi Osher Baddiel

Due to popular demand from Torah Way fans, plans are now being
formulated to launch some Shiurim in Yiddish and Hebrew. This will
ensure no one goes without Torah on a weekday, thereby enhancing the
lives of our community members and strengthening Torah Life in North London.
With the coming of the light of Chanukah, may we all merit to discover
the Light in the Holy Torah and ultimately be redeemed to bask in the
eternal Light, which will emerge with the coming of our redeemer,
speedily in our days.

Torah Way, the daily morning Shiur started two years ago in North
and now operates in North and North West London.
We are now in the process of publishing a Torah Way Diary, which will
list all forthcoming Shiurim until Erev Pesach.  For further details,
call Menasche Scharf on 07974 160 252.

Torah Way North London becomes a Daily Shiur

By Jonathan Stern

London, 14/06/2006

Rabbi Mordechai Fein Shlita - a regular contributor to the Start The Day The Torah Way in North London - expounds on the virtue of a daily dose of learning before going out to work

King Solomon says in Koheles (Ch. 7, v.8)  “טוב אחרית דבר מראשיתו”- as explained in the Jerusalemite Talmud that the beginning of any project lays the foundation and is the pivotal force behind it.  It requires much thought and contemplation but we cannot delay initiating since the opportunities will slip away.  A “ נחשון “ approach, like the Prince of the tribe of Yehuda Nachshon Ben Aminodov, who jumped into the Reed Sea first, is sometimes necessary since otherwise the יצר הרע steps in and gives too many convincing arguments not to begin.  The greater the קדושה involved, the more we are standing to gain in Torah - the stronger the resistance of the יצר הרע, which explains why כל התחלות קשותall beginnings are hard and difficult (Mechilta on Parshas Yisro).  The יצר הרע cannot fathom the thought of new projects increasing מלכות שמים and therefore puts in extra efforts to thwart the plans.  But once you overcome the initial opposition from the יצר הרע there is a special סייעתא דשמיא – help from Above, and you are bound to succeed.  
Our Sages said: any commandment that was accepted in the beginning with love had staying power with the Jewish nation.  E.g. performing Circumcision on all male newborns was accepted with total love and joy, so until this day we see that even estranged Jews will still perform the circumcision ceremony with enthusiasm and true interest.  The opposite holds true as well.  The initial concept of only marrying permissible parties was met with opposition – as it says in this week’s Parsha: “and they – Israel -were crying with their families” (Bemidbar Ch. 11, v.10), which is explained as crying over the new laws of familial relationships and therefore until today there is always some heartbreak involved in a marriage, in some form or another (Talmud Tractate Shabbos (Folio 130, p.1) and in Midrash Sifri).

The Ponovizher Rov when inaugurating his world-famous Yeshiva in Benei Beraq did not make a grand ceremony but rather recited Psalms.  Upon reflection, an assumption can be made, which might explain his seemingly uncharacteristic behaviour.  Just as when taking out the Holy Scrolls for the Torah Reading it is a time of clemency for the congregation, as is brought down in the Holy Zohar (Vayakhel) - so too when there is any “opening of the Holy Ark” – such as opening a Yeshiva to promulgate public Torah learning - there too is a “time of clemency. And that is the opportunity that the Ponovizher Rov wanted to utilise to the utmost. Beginnings have an extra measure of שעת רחמים - a time for clemency, and increased סייעתא דשמיא – help from Above. 

But let us not forget that it is not only the beginning that is so important, the continuity as well is vital for the success.  Unfortunately, too often projects will start off well - only to die out a slow death.  That is not the דרך התורה – the Torah Way!  Torah is referred to in many instances as"הליכה" -  “Going”, as it says "אם בחוקותי תלכו" – “whither in my laws you will trod”, or בהתהלכך תנחה אותך"” - “whence you will go in Her ways (of the Torah) She will guide you”, and "הוי כל צמא לכו למים" – “behold, whomever is thirsty go forth to the waters [of Torah]”.  Torah is a “walking process” - it is achieved with a consistent, continuous approach.  The idea is to attend the Shiurim constantly – without a break.  An example: someone running towards a goal may get to his destination faster but will have to take many breaks.  On the other hand, someone walking can continue for hours without a break, eventually reaching his destination in full form. To illustrate this point even further, let’s take a person who is fasting for twenty four hours consecutively cannot be judged against someone who fasts in shifts of two twelve hour stints with a ten minute break in between.  The former has fasted one long unbroken lap of twenty four hours, whilst the latter who fasted twice twelve hour periods – totalling twenty four hours, has not reached the aim altogether. 

And that is one of the key strengths of “The Torah Way” - it is continuous.  Whether it may be a Sunday, Monday a Bank Holiday or summer holidays – there is always that input.  And that is ultimately what HaShem wants: A constant and continuous focus on Torah-Learning – through “starting the day the Torah way”.

The above is an extract of Rabbi Mordechai Fein’s inaugural Shiur on the occasion of the first Shiur of the daily programme on Friday 9th June ‘06.  (The full Shiur can be heard on Kol HaLoshon’s dedicated Torah Way North London channel, Shiur Number 63).

V’ani Tefillah Foundation Aseres Yemei Teshuvah Tefillah initiative


Rabbi Heshy Kleinman, author of “Praying with Fire”, visited the UK earlier this year, speaking in North West London at Start Your Day the Torah Way and in Manchester at a special tefillah event with Rabbi Mattisyahu Salomon, shlita, as well as a number of schools in both locations.  Last year, his foundation, “V’Ani Tefillah” issued thousands of booklets to enable people to enhance their davenning during the aseres yemei teshuva

This year, the Aseres Yemei Teshuva program is nearly double the size and scope of last year’s successful programme. It is hoped that more than one hundred thousand booklets will be distributed in North America, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa and in English speaking venues in Eretz Yisroel.  This year’s programme takes sections from the kavannah chapter of “Praying with Fire”, enabling people to focus, during these auspicious days, on practical strategies and insights that will increase the power of their tefillos.

A spokesman for V’Ani Tefillah in London told Hamodia that they have been inundated with requests from shuls, schools and other mosdos around Europe for copies of the booklet.  Fifteen thousand booklets have been printed in England and the programme is running in numerous schools in London and Manchester, as well as seminaries and yeshivos in Gateshead and Manchester.

In an effort to make as many people as possible aware of the initiative before Rosh Hashanah,  V’Ani Tefillah sent out information packs to rabbonim, and were distributing their material at the various large gatherings which have been held as Yom Tov draws near, such as the IT meetings in London and Manchester.  The organisers hope very much that once people have seen how their davenning has improved they will be inspired to try out the whole programme. 

“So many people have grown in tefillah from the entire 89-day learning program over the course of the year,” remarked the spokesman, “that this year, when we offered a new aseres yemei teshuvah booklet on kavannah, the response was tremendous. Especially now, at this moment in history, profound tefillah is a matter of crucial importance. Although the most recent, dramatic epoch in our history appears to have come to a momentary halt in Eretz Yisroel, a new level of awareness has been aroused. People want to know, they want to learn, ‘How can I come closer to Hashem?’”

V’Ani Tefillah has the backing of local dayonim and rabbonim as well as prominent rabbonim around the world.  V’Ani Tefillah is closely linked with Start Your Day the Torah Way, and together they are intending to run an annual leil hisorerus, for men, in English.  This unique event will take place in London, Manchester and  Gateshead, as well as other locations in Europe. It will feature exclusive audio-visual presentation from Rabbi Mattisyahu Salomon, shlita, mashgiach of Lakewood yeshiva, as well as a small number of short and direct droshos from local rabbonim in the style of “Torah Way”. This audio-visual has been prepared in direct response to requests from schools for an introduction to hisorerus in tefillah The beauty of this classic kiruv kerovim iniative is that it appeals to everyone – to men and ladies, to children and to all sectors of the religious spectrum.

Start Your Day the Torah Way is running the V’Ani Tefillah initiative in all its locations, with short programmes either before or after the shiur, for ten days, starting this week.  It can be accessed as usual on Kol HaLashon or by the other regular means.

To bring the V’Ani Tefillah Foundation’s the Aseres Yemei Teshuvah initiative or full 89-day tefillah learning program and to your shul or school, yeshiva seminary or to your home, please contact the V’Ani Tefillah Foundation at   0207 993 5044, or e-mail

Summer Holidays at Torah Way

London, 28/08/2012
Shiurim at Torah Way (North London) were a great success this past August /Av during the Bein Hazmanim. When others were on holiday, Shiurim continued as usual at Start Your Day the Torah Way. 
To celebrate the 7th Anniversary of Torah Way, two sets of a few Shiurim took place this Sunday given over by our regular speakers, on a wide range of topics, the guest speaker being Dayan L.Y Raskin.  
Two Shiurim were also held on Bank Holiday, where Mr Abelesz from Golders Green who related his life experiences during the period immediately after liberation, until he arrived on these shores.
He was ably introduced by his nephew R’ Yeshaya Shulem Gross of Stamford Hill, who expounded on the topic of ‘Zechor’ and ‘Timche’, both being of unique value in Judaism from a Halachic and historic perspective.
Rabbi Yisrael Yaakov Katz enthralled the assembled with his beautiful speech on the timely subject of ‘Elvi’, exhorting us to ‘take refuge’ during this month so as to be able to reflect on our deeds of this past year, much like a person who has accidentally killed another person takes refuge in an ‘Ir Miklot’ where he is kept so that he can reflect on his whole past life and make the necessary adjustments, so required to improve in ways that would have been improbable, were he to remain in his normal routine setting, surrounded by his familiar environment. Similarly, we should invest our efforts during the Elul month to improve our conduct for the new year and the whole future life.
Chaired by Dayan Emanuel Levy of Palmers Green and Southgate synagogue, who gave the annual report, summing up the accumulated Shiurim, which, given on a daily basis six days a week, clocked up to the numerical value of the word Mizmor (293). 
Dayan Dovid Greenhaus of Chassam Sofer Shul gave a very informative shiur on the dinim of the sukkah, followed by a L’chaim, dayan Levy Yitzchak Raskin of Lubavitch shul explained the Gemara in Rosh Hashana: Hashem told the Jewish people: “Say for Me verses of Regency, say for Me verses of remembrance, and with what? With a ram’s horn”. This explained beautifully as always..
R’ Dovid Cohen chanted a chapter of Psalms for the success of the celebration, followed by the event
The organisers thank all those who participated.