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Follow up on Aish evening in Stamford Hill

From: menasche scharf menasche.scharf@gmail.com

Date: 8 May 2009 14:11

We are still working out the details, even at this late hour thingsare constantly changing. The current aim is to run a men-onlyworkshop on Monday Bank Holiday 25/05/2009, from 10:30AM until 16:30.There will be a variety of activities (speeches, Q&A sessions, classesetc.) for part or most of the day, with an exhibition on the side ofvarious Kiruv organisations.We had a meeting where it was decided- To dedicate this event only to create awareness in the North Londoncommunity about opportunities in kiruv.

1. Be friendly to them

2. One to One learning by 'phone and face2face

3. Shabbos invitations

- Recruit activists by doing the rounds in local Shuls and deliveringa 3 minute speech about the upcoming event and its importanceaccording to Chazal.

Rabbi Benzion Goldman volunteered to speak

Rabbi Shea Mordechai Diamant ‎will accompany him.

- to approach you with a request to please advise on how to get all Kiruv organisations working in the UK to attend with at least onerepresentative:

SeeD, PaL or Aish and any other.

PaL:We hope for someone from PaL - a Rabbi or activist - will contribute his time to explain the concept to the attendees and perhaps show one of our volunteers how to run a registration drive, this would beenough.

If the PaL representative can stay for the duration of thewhole event, this would be fantastic. - awaiting their confirmation.I will fill you in once I have the details of an exact location and so on.

This is it so far, have a great Shabbos,


Plenary Meeting was atended by:

  • Rabbi M Z Weinberg
  • Shulem Stern
  • B Z Goldman
  • S M Diamant
  • Y Y Ostreciher
  • C D Halberstam
  • M Scharf
  • S Y Yankowitz
  • and others

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Press Release: 'Calculu' for 'Sustenance' (=Heb.)

From: menasche scharf Date: 24 May 2005 16:43

Press Release

London, 24/05/2005

Calculu Business and Training Centre Launches Summer Term English Courses

Overwhelming response forces new classes to be opened immediately, places are being snapped up

By Menasche Scharf

The first class in the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) has taken off with a bang!

Young Kollel Men sat in a class together with budding entrepreneurs - eager to get their English brushed up. Mr Lawrence, rector of Courses at the London Essex College delivered the debut lesson to students from Israel, Belgium and London, which turned out to be a great success.

Mr Menasche Scharf - Founding Director of Calculu Business and Training Centre, commented on the positive approach taken by all involved: Lester Harris, Community Development Programme Co-ordinator at the Jewish Care - Brenner Community Center, and his colleagues were extremely helpful in bringing this project to fruition

We look forward to increasing the number of classes and to broaden the range and scope of courses to accommodate the growing public interest.

Subjects that are requested by would-be students range from basic Typing and Bookkeeping to Advanced Graphic Design and CAD (=Computer Aided Design) for Architecture and Manufacturing.

So far, over one hundred applications have been accepted, which is clear indication of the crying need for an organisation such as Calculu Business and Training Centre.

Pricing has been kept at an extremely affordable level, to enable applicants on low-income to attend.

Private lessons for in-house delivery for commercial outfits are now planned, to minimise on loss of working time. This is in direct response from many interested parties.

Notes to Editors:

About Calculu Business and Training Centre Calculu Business and Training Centre is the first commercial training provider for the 'Heimishe' (Ultra-Orthodox / Charedi) Community in North London.

Having used its links within banking and industry, it succeeded in igniting a mini-revolution in the local sphere of business and commerce; would be business people have so far struggled with setting up, running or accessing finance for business.

The roadmap set out by Calculu Business and Training Centre is designed to change all that.

About the name "Calculu": Calculu is derived from a play of words, combining the Latin word Calculus with the transliteration of the Hebrew word Calcoloh, meaning ‘sustenance'.

Calculu Business and Training Centre has set as its goal the provision training to enable disadvantaged people to gain employment.

Contact details: For additional information call 08456980044.

--We all learn to learn in life that life is all about learning to learn

Special Offer - Now is the opportunity!

From: menasche scharf Date: 14 Jul 2008 18:48


We have arranged a learning programme of a different kind, for those who really want to sharpen their skills in Computing, Business and Management.

For a limited time you can order a whole range of on-line courses that will come in handy during your summer holiday to ensure you return to you place of work armed with more knowledge you ever imagined to gain in such a short time.

Mindleaders are Leaders in the field of teaching you the basics and also the more advanced to expert levels in hundreds of Computer Applications - now is your chance to finally master those tips and tricks you always wanted to know.

Please find attached a list of Courses, which are divided into Libraries and can easily be followed, reviewed and mastered.

The cost of a course is only £99.00 (including V.A.T.) and when you order one, you will be sent a User name and Pass word to log onto the learning system.

We accept credit card or online transactions. For any further queries, contact me by eMail.

Menasche Scharf

Calculu Business & Training Centre

London, UK