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BYGS Fundraising Evening

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London, 14/06/2011

BYGS Fundraising Evening

Beis Yaakov School growing by leaps and bounds

The newly formed Beis Yaakov Girls School will be holding its first reception on Sunday Parshas Chukas (26/06/2011)

The Bays Yaakov Maydel Schule, as it is fondly called by the locals, has gained its sterling reputation in no small part because Yiddish is part of the curriculum.  The recent OfstEd isnpection vindicated the most convicted cynics, when their inspectors gave the school a resounding thumbs up with 104 out of 108 points gained.

The school was founded by a group of young askonim who felt the acute pain and heartbreak of many a parent in our midst whose child could not be placed in a Jewish school. 

This Much needed facility is now turning to the community for help in ensuring the material requirements are met for the short and long future.

A fund raising evening will be held at Mr Shlomo Sinitski's home who has agreed to become a trustee of this new school, in addition to his other communal commitments

Dayan Padwa, the Nossy of the school will be in attendance to promote the core values of the school, which are being staunchly upheld by the staff and Acceptance Committee.

The Financial burden is carried by Yitzchok Stern and Shmuel Yitzchok Salzman whose tireless efforts have kept afloat the school, whose disproportionate expenses versus pupil ratio are currently unattainable, due to the small number of children enrolled.

The school's management committee is full of hope that the community will take up this chance to help a new school with small beginnings which is set to grow into a award-winning educational powerhouse producing real Yiddishe mommes to shine forth in Kelal Yisroel.

The planned September intake is to reach the legal space limitation of the currently premises and the Building Committee is actively looking for larger premises for possible purchase in the near future.

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