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Tehillim - See attached
מצורף בזה תהלים לחדש אב
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הקונטרס "ומקדשי תיראו" נתפשט כבר ברחבי העולם ובאתרים "לדעת" ו"שטייגען", ויותר ממאתיים אנשים כבר
 הורידו הקונטרס ואני מצרף גם קטע ממה שנאמר אתמול בקו הציבור

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איך מרבים תורה בעולם בלחיצת כפתור?
ניתן להאזין לכל שיעורי
קול הלשון (כ150 אלף שיעורים חיים ומוקלטים) במספרי הטלפון הבאים

קווי זהב  072-274-1111 (חינם! למנויי קווי זהב)
גלובקול 073-724-1111  ( חינם! למנויי גלובקול)
אקספון   078-818-1111  (חינם! למנויי אקספון!)
בזק 03-6171111
מחיר מנויי בזק לכל החברות והמספרים בעלות שיחת בזק!
גזרו ושמרו!
   ולצרף לזה עיצה אישית

מי שאין לו שירות של מ7-7 (בו השיחות בלילה חינם)
כדאי שנדע!
עדיף להתקשר ממספרי החברות האחרות.!!!!
הם נתנו את הקוים ללא עלות, ומחיר השיחות חינם ללקוחותיהם!!!
הגיע הזמן שבזק יתנו גם שירות לכל כך הרבה אנשים שמשתמשים ב"קול הלשון"!
הם גובים מקול הלשון המון כסף על הקוים!
הם גם

גובים מהמשתמשים מחיר מלא!
הבה נהיה שותפים ללחץ שיבהיר להם בשטח, שהמתקשרים משתמשים יותר בשאר החברות, לחץ שיוביל אולי אותם למסקנה הנכונה!!!
ו.. חדשה מרגשת יותר!
כל השיעורים ניתנים להאזנה דרך הרשת בכתובת הבאה

שם תוכלו להוריד שיעורים חינם! ואם תרצו גם להתקין את "אוצר קול הלשון" חינם במחשבכם
וחדש מהשבוע!
חלק גדול מהשיעורים בקול הלשון, ניתנים להאזנה בשידור חי ברשת!
הדף החל להיות פעיל מאתמול.
קישור לדף בעברית

העבירו לחברים, שלחו לאתרים, ותרוויחו לזכותכם עוד מאות אלפי ורבבות שעות של לימוד תורה! 
בברכת ונראה בנחמת ציון וירושלם
מנשה שארף

Sunday, December 13

What the mobile (cellular) looked like 4,000 years ago

Now for a contemporary reminder of what the mobile looked like 4,000 years ago . . .

If you have a Mikro'oys Gedoyloys Chumash (sorry for the spelling) it's worth looking into Perush Rashi MeKtav Yad, brought int the Mossaf Rashi on the Passuk Vategnov Rachel es haterofim.From the description of how such a idol was 'made' and coupled with the Ibn Ezra's commentary, one wonders whether our forefather Lavan already had what we would term as a Cellular device (or Mobile in the UK, GSM in Belgium, Pelefon in Israel - you name it - who knows, Terofim in Aramaic might even be the literal translation for Nokia's . . . )There is an uncanny similarity between Lavan's "connectivity appliance" and our wireless 'phone; below you will find a numbered list of 'features' that are compared in the next paragraph with identical numbers - go figure!
1. They cut off the head . . . . *
2. It could communicate through a wall
3. They inserted a gold sliver under the tongue
4. People would worship it
5. It showed the time

1. As is well-known (just look around in Shul) the Cellular has taken away people’s head . . .
2. The cellular waves go through walls; one can speak to his friend without hindrance
3. The Gold-Plated SIM fits neatly under a lever (in at least some of the models)
4. How many people do you know who wouldn’t leave the house without it?!
5. It incorporates a clock
No wonder Lavan chased Yaacov for seven days . . .
* Just watch how the manufacturers hype up the market for every new "Generation" and new model (a.k.a. newborn or Bechor)
** Terofim is similar to Trophy (see; Par. B. & D.)

Friday, December 11

The Gurs Haggadda

London, 15 May 2006

Menasche Scharf reporting from Karlsruhe.

The local workers union held a remembrance event for the Jewish children who were deported during the Nazi regime to Auschwitz via the Gurs detention camp.

The event was well attended, during which Rev. Moshe Chayun, the local Chazan recited Tehilim and translated into German for visitors from amongst the local population and who was introduced by the head of the Jewish Community Mr David Seldner.
In what could be termed as a positive development, this event cemented the beginning of a link between several Jewish communities throughout Europe. All participants were unified in the aim to further the dissemination of Jewish values and enhancing the life of a fellow Jew.

For this occasion, Mr Menasche Scharf presented a special souvenir to the Karlsruhe Jewish Community: The Gurs Haggadda, which contains a facsimile of the hand-written Haggadda, by an inmate in the Gurs detention camp, southern France, which was then under the Vichy government's area of jurisdiction. Anyone familiar with the Karlsruhe community will know that over one hundred children were deported to this camp, from where they were subsequently sent on the death-trains to Auschwitz.

Wednesday, December 9

Did he or didn't he?

Dear All,

We learn this week that ויבא הביתה לעשות מלאכתו on which there is a discussion in Gemorroh Sota, Rav and Shmuel; one opines that he went to do his work and one counters that he went with the intention of giving in to his boss's wife's advances, however his father's image appeared in the window and this caused him to repeal his decision.

It is well known that the stories as they are told in the Torah are a lesson for us, based on what happened back then - מעשי אבות סימן לבנים - the deeds of the forefathers are signposts for the children or if we want to invoke the Chanuka spirit: בימים ההם בזמן הזה.

So, how do we reconcile the two opposing views: one says he went to work and at the same time we are expected to accept that he was about to fall into the trap laid out for him?!

To illustrate this dilemma in a contemporary setting, we will watch a Mr Josephs, executive director of the Potty Ferroug management company in Capital Central. As he enters his state of the art office to do his paperwork, he flicks on the lights and switches on his workstation, logs onto his favourite web page and. . . . lo and behold, a previously downloaded attachment has come to life in the form of a malicious virus, executing a devious, perverse web page showing all kind of illicit images, enticing him to click-click to the next page with blinking banners and flashing buttons. All of a sudden the Windows Screen Saver kicks in and up comes his father's picture, the face he so longs to behold after being separated by oceans and borders.

Indeed, it is possible nowadays to reconcile both interpretations: going to work entails sometimes the inevitable dangers of the ever growing menace called "vile web sites" - the contents of which any self-respecting country (Australia and China for example) has already forced ISPs to ban from their servers, routers and gateways.

It has come to a point where Rabbis are helplessly throwing up their arms in the air, when confronted with strife in a family whose harmonious life was destroyed by the dark side of the web.

If China can ban the behemoth Goofle, until they get their act together, so can we as a united Jewish community!

Should you want to - or if you know someone who is genuinely concerned - about the current situation; about so many lives, families and communities that are being devoured from the inside - please let me know. We can achieve a Kosher, modern, advanced and working Web experience, without all the trash out there. All it takes is a skimpy £2,000.000.00 seed money for the duration of the startup phase (2010 to 2012) and a dedicated team of volunteers and paid staff.

The amount stated can be absorbed over three years in the form of a variety of revenue streams, many of which are only now becoming popular and some that will have to be monetised.

Menasche Scharf

E. & O. E.