Thursday, December 27

2nd Anniversary of Start Your Day The Torah Way - North London


A short run-down of proceedings:

Chairman: Mr Aron Factor, who welcomed the guests, thanked all
supporters who give off their precious time and donors who help out
financially and gave a general overview
Introduction: Rabbi Ezriel Schechter, who also gave the main Shiur in
the morning before the celebration
Speech by: resident Rabbi Emanuel Levy, who added a plea to the
community that his hall and adjacent catering facilities are readily
available for all year round functions like Bar Mitzvha's, Sheva
Brochos, Anniversaries and the like. The hall is halfway between North
and North West London's Frum communities.
Songs Rendition: Chazzan Leiby Margulies from Gateshead led the
assembly in singing for the occasion
* Main Drosho: Rabbi Avrohom Katz, who entertained in his inimitable
style, engaged their brains in tongue twisters and brain teasers using
mnemonics, abbreviations and other exercises in Loshon Hakodesh and
English on the subject of Emes and Torah.
Main organiser of the event: Rbbi Moshe Margulies, Rosh Kollel Yad
Torah in Stamford Hill, who saw to all the logistics and a special
thanks to the Rebbetzin of the Shul, Mrs Levy who oversaw the catering
Acoustics: Rabbi Yechiel Fogel, who ensures a undisrupted supply of
speakers all year round also ensured that the loudspeakers - courtesy
of Mr Nachman Matyas - should be in place and working.
Securtiy: Thanks to the CST, the guest were looked after very well BS"D.
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