Friday, March 22

ערב פסח תשע''ג ‏Kazayis Matzoh

Courtesy of Rabbi Shimon Black שליט"א,

Wishing all visitors חג הפסח כשר ושמח

Menasche Scharf

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Shiurim at Kehal Chasidim on Pesach

Kehal Chasidim South Tottenham

Monday, March 18

New Halocho Channel on Kol Haloshon

Chodesh Nissan 5773

New Halocho Channel : Hiclhos Orach Chaim

The new Shiur is called: "Shiur BeHalocho Yomis, Belz London" or similar?

This new channel is for "Halocho Yomi" that we had for the past couple of years in Belz Shteeble, Clapton Common.

There is a rota of Magiddey Shiur, as every subject is taught by our resident experts, depending on the season of the year (Chanuka, Pesach etc.) or the Halochos we are learning at a given time (Seder Night, Eruv in Summer Camp etc.).

Starting from today, those Shiurim are being recorded, as some of the regulars' schedules have changed their daily pattern and so cannot attend in person. 

Additionally, there are now many members of the public (either from other Belz Shteebles in town or from farther afield) who have heard about our excellent, clear and informative Shiurim and they want to be able to follow them on Kol HaLoshon.

When dialling the Kol HaLoshon number, choose Yiddish and then Halocho.  Listen to the menu and select the appropriate code to reach this new Torah resource.

Chag Pesach Kosher veSameach


Friday, March 15

Kviat Mezuzo

Reb Dovid Scharf (Beck) from Antwerp, Belgium affixing a Mezuzo to the entrance of the new Ladies' Section of the Kehal Chasidim Shteebel in South Tottenham, London.  Rabbi Leifer Shlita, the Rov of the Shul and Rabbi Zev Schneebalg of the Belz Cheder, both from Stamford Hill, looking on.  (Photo Credit: Menasche Scharf)