Thursday, April 5

Torah Way North London - 12/09/2005

By Jonathan Stern  

12 September, 2005

Weekly Shiurim "Start Your Day The Torah Way" continue unabated, with this week's Shiur - the third in what is anticipated to become a household name - sponsored by Osher Shapiro Arba Minim Centre.

This Sunday, a larger than usual gathering took place at the Biala Beis Hamedrash in South Tottenham, North London.  The Shul was packed with mostly English-speaking people eager to learn the Halachos of Arba Minim, as preparation to the upcoming Yom Tov of Succos.

Dayan Eckstein, of the Belzer Beis Hamedrash in St Kilda's Road, Stamford Hill expounded on the hidden and revealed "ta'amim" of the Arba Minim.  Showing the assembled an authentic Lulav, he proceeded to cover most Halachos pertaining the various points one has to look for when choosing it.  Next was the Hadass, of which the Dayan displayed several species explaining the significant characteristics that makes up a Kosher Hadass.

The Shiur, which took about forty minutes was rounded off with Divrei Agodo, as the Maharil promises in his Teshuvos (=responsa) - as quoted in the Sha'arei Teshuva Hilchos Arba Minim: "One should seek to purchase an exquisite set of species, for he will be amply rewarded in this world and in the world to come."  The assemblage dispersed in a Yom Tov mood with the scent of the Arba Minim in the air.

There are now requests to extend the Torah Way programme of Shiurim to run on a daily basis, following the path of the original Start Your Day The Torah Way in Manchester - which incidentally celebrated the start of their third year running this week - on which the North London programme is based.

For a weekly reminder, one can TxT their mobile number to 07974 160 252 or by eMail to and an SMS will be sent prior to an upcoming Shiur.  These contact details can also be used for any suggestion one might have to improve this worthwhile Programme.

Past Shiurim are available in the English Section of Mussar and Chassidus of Kol HaLoshon.

Pending the input of a sound technician, Tapes or CD's might become available, once a volunteer to run this part will come forward.

Next week's Ba'al Darshan is Rabbi Avrohom Zonszajn, Maggid Shiur of Yeshivas Lev Simcha D'Gur in Stamford Hill.  The Shiur takes place at Biala Beis Hamedrash with plenty seating - and parking - space.

Let's pray and hope that the Kiddush HaShem engendered by this lofty endeavour will bring about the awakening of goodwill for the whole community for a blessed, healthy and prosperous year.

"Start Your Day The Torah Way" - North London is based at: Biala Beis HaMedrash, 110 Castlewood Road, South Tottenham, North London.