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Jewish Survival - Part III

Mikva immersion is NOT a sensitive issue for men, and it has no "social opposition” since we may immerse in privacy. Promoting the above words of Prophet Yeshaya, Ethics of the Fathers and the book Orchot Chaim, will certainly lead many men to Mikva immersion, which will strengthen their faith in G-d and Mitzvot observance.
It is easier to explain immersion for the sake of repentance, since every human-being frequently asks forgiveness from his friends, and every-one remembers his sins.
After immersion, we think and live differently. Community life, gets more serious nature, and even the purity and sanctity of the family is greatly reinforced.
It is obligatory to mention: Until the rebuilding of our Holy Temple speedily in our days, men have no Torah obligation to immerse, however it proper and desirable to immerse for the sake of repentance and other reasons. And like happiness, wealth, power and honour, that although there is no obligation to possess, yet all people yearn for them.
It is our duty to bring this message to every Yid! Since even when only one drills a hole in the boat, it might sink with all its passengers. Therefore, all Jews are responsible for one another. Yerusholayim was saved from destruction by Sancheriv, when all our people, "boy and girl, man and woman" did learn and practiced Mikva, each at its own sphere of obligation. (Sanhedrin 94).
The survival and salvation of our people in the past and present is largely contingent on the education for the observance of Mikva immersion by all our people. It is not enough that you and we will do it.
The main problem these days is not the "Building of Mikvas” but the education to immerse in them! "Communities that build luxury homes and Olympic size swimming pools, can build and will build Mikvas If we will explain and convince them that it is important for them. Until they will build, if there is no Mikva here – there is there! From anywhere in the country, a Mikva can be reached in less than 10-20 minutes. However, if we do not provide them with Mikva educational material to all the Jews of the city, they will not come to ask us for it. The first 10% investment of the construction and operation budget of the Mikva, should be invested in "Mikva education for every Yid" of city. It will maximize the number of "Family Purity and Sanctity observance of the city, and would relieve the need for fundraising abroad of the city.
Unfortunately, around the world today, 90% of our people do not observe Mikva. 30% never even heard of the concept. We cannot deny the link between the problems mentioned.
"Yishmael, the Fore-father of the Arab nations, did repent" and recognized that as the son of the maid he has the duty to cherish and honour his younger brother Yitzchak who is the son of the Mistress. (Beresheet 25:9-18). Hundreds of years we lived in Arab countries, without serious existential problems. Riots and the 100 Years all Arabs War against us, is just a tool "with which G-d is signalling us to repent, which needs immersion and is awakened by it.
Therefore, "Mikva Education for Every Yid” is the most important and critical issue for all of our people.

It cost Millions to Mikva educate 10.000.000 brothers! To be serious and effective please consider to donate and / or raise each year, at least an amount equal to the annual Mikva expenditure of a family, currently 250₪ - ₪ 500. (Overseas $250 - $500). Like the two Yom Kippur, sacrifice one for Hashem and the other to Azazel, which must be equal also in price and time of purchase. All donations will be blessed and gratefully appreciated.
The situation requires contribution to this critical matter, at least once a month or once a year.
Please send us your postal and / or email address, to get uplifting and persuasive material that you will be able to spread and gain the greatest Mitzvah. Local activity does not exempt the support of global operations. Please help us distribute Mikva materials to all Jews. See article: "Why Mikva Immersion?"
Video fascinating explanation: "The Mystery of Life!"
Great educational materials, results, recommendations, lectures, donations and dedications:
"Survival MikvaTikva", Imanuel Ravad, MikvaTikva Israel, Shmaya Street 20, Bnei-Brak 5132703
USA: Imanuel Ravad, MikvaTikva, 1360-44 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219
3 Iyar 5776 – (11.5.016)

First published on 19/05/2016 on Jewish P.O.S.T. - the Jewish Voice for the People Of South Tottenham

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