Thursday, December 21

Lighting Chanukah Candles - Part VII

The Greeks forbid learning Torah and observance of Mikvas, purity and sanctity (Bereshit 26:22, Ba'al HaTurim). Thousands of years ago, they knew already that without Mikvas, either Jewish children will not be born, or anyway they will have no Jewish continuity. The Greeks like the German who have been on the world's culture pinnacle, has used their power to undermine Jewish existence and continuity. The beauty of their culture is only on a very thin surface, below which lays the dangerous and terrifying "Darkness upon Abyss," as the cultured world did prove to us once again during the Holocaust.
Hence, our sages warned us to shy away from all foreign cultures by clinging to life of Torah, Purity and Sanctity, without which there is no Jewish continuity. In the words of Prophet Zachary (4:6): This spiritual battle should be led, "Not through armies and not through might, but through the spirit of G-d!" Today, we should lead this spiritual battle, to outreach our brothers and sisters who are straying in the cultural desert of the world, and help them to return to the light of the Chanukah Menorah, to a life of Torah, Purity and Sanctity!
"LeHash'kicham Toratecha!" The first topic mentioned in the Chanukah prayer of "Al Hanissim," is the Greeks intention to uproot us from the Torah. Therefore on Chanukah we should increase Torah learning in Purity and Sanctity. (See Pri Megadim on Shulchan-Aruch, Chelek Eshel Avraham, Hilchos Chanukah 670).
Therefore, the declaration of loyalty to life of Purity and Sanctity must be proclaimed with a blessing while evoking G-d's name: That G-d, “He is the One who made miracles to our forefathers and to us, to this very day,” in merit of our devotion to life of Purity and Sanctity. Therefore: "These candles are holy, we have no right to use them, only to look and show them, in order to thank and glorify G-d's great name, for His miracles, wonders and salvations!"
Chanukah happened in the year 3597 to creation, 2179 years ago, 185 years after the 2nd Temple was built, in the year 3412, 193 years after Purim – 3404 to creation. After the Chanukah event, the 2nd Temple existed for another 233 years, till it was destroyed by the Romans, 1946 years ago.
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