Tuesday, December 12

Lighting Chanukah Candles - Part II

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During the battles of the Chashmonayim with the Greeks in the year 3597 to the Creation, about 2179 years ago, for about three years, the Holy and Pure Menorah of the Holy Temple was not lit. After the Chashmonayim overpowered the Greeks and their Hellenized Jewish associates, they restored the services at the Holy Temple, and wanted to re-light the Holy and Pure Menorah - Candelabra. They found that the Greeks have defiled all the oil flasks, and only one flask of Pure oil, with the seal of the high priest was found, which would normally suffice for the lighting of only one night. Miraculously, this one day measure of oil did burn for eight days. [Either the necessary round trip travel time to the trib of Asher to bring the best special Pure olive oil, or Seven days to purify the oil producers, and one day to produce the pure oil. (Orach-Chaim, Bayt-Yosef 670).] The following year, our sages proclaimed those 8 days as a festival of G-d praising and thanksgiving. Therefore, "from the 25th day of Kislev, for the 8 days of Chanukka, we light the Chanuka Candles, we recite the full Hallel – Thanksgiving Psalm prayer, we say the "Miracles prayer" – "Al-Hanissim," during the silent devotion prayer, at the Thanksgiving blessing, [and in the Grace after the meals.] We do not eulogy and do not fast during those 8 days." (Shabbat 21).
Answers to few of many questions asked:
1. Why did G-d deem it necessary to perform for us a miracle to reinstate the lighting of the Menorah immediately, with pure oil, without having to wait the necessary 8 days for the production and/or bringing of new pure oil? The Menorah was not lit during 3 years, why it could not wait another 8 days for the new pure oils.
2. Why the miracle was that only one instead of the 8 jars that were needed for eight days will be found?
3. What did this miracle accomplish for our people, besides saving seven little flasks of oil, and the fact that the Menorah miraculously remained lit for seven additional days, more then many other miracles, that occur daily to our people and to each and every one of us, as we proclaim 3 times daily in the Thanks-Giving prayer of the Amida, that it obligates each one of us to light the Chanukah candles yearly to the end of generations?
4. Why must each person light his own personal Menorah? Only one Menorah was lit for our entire People of Israel in the Holy Temple! Likewise, to light one Menorah in the synagogue or on top of a high tower from where it could be seen by all the people of the city could be sufficient to publicise the miracle of the Menorah.
5. Why must every person exhibit his lighting of the Menorah, and allow the entire community check on him, if and how did he light the Chanukkah Menorah? Since we must light the Menorah outside, at the entrance door, or in a window facing the street. The obligation to light the Menorah is only as long as there are passer-by in the street, who are able to see it lit. There is no other commandment that require us to display its observance?
6. Why the miracle of the lighting the Menorah and not any of the other [9] miracles that took place daily in the Holy Temple of Yerushalayim was chosen, for the celebration of the restoration of the Temple service and the yearly celebration of the victory of the forces of Purity and Sanctity over the forces of impurity and darkness?
7. Why the obligation to light the Chanuka Menorah, was instituted only a year after the victory, and not immediately after?
8. Why the Greek culture is so dangerous, that our sages call it "Darkness!" as written: "Choshech Al Pnai Tehom" - "Darkness upon abyss!" this is Yavan – Greek," (Breshit 1:2, Raba 2:4), which prompted our sages to proclaim a personal obligation on every Jew to light a Chanuka Menorah to the end of generations, in order to express the clash and conflict with the Greek culture?

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