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Mikva Tikva for Our Survival - Ain Braira - אין ברירה - there is No Choice

Sent: 26 December 2016 20:24
Mikva Tikva for Our Survival - Ain Braira - אין ברירה - there is No Choice
Every Person and Each Mikva Must Be a Center to Mikva Educate Every Yid! Why?
Our People and our Holy-Land are under physical and spiritual threat.
90% of Yidden worldwide do not observe Mikva! 30% never even heard about the concept!
The problem is not lack of Mikvas or funds to build them, but lack of Mikva Education!
   90% do not attend shul even on Yom Kippur!
   Europe: 85% Intermarriage.
   USA: We lost One Million Yidden in the last 4 years! 80%Intermarriage.
   Our Holy-Land is currently the world's only country under open threat of nuclear annihilation.
   We cannot deny a connection between the problems! What must we do?
   Ain Braira: We must educate every Yid around the world about Mikva! Why? Among a host of reasons:
1. Each one has the same reasons to Mikva immerse as Adam – the first human-being, whose first act after he sinned, was a repentance Mikva Immersion, (Pirkay d'Rabi Eliezer 14-20).
2. Prophet Yirmiyahu, (14:8, Sanhedrin 94): "Mikva is a source of Jewish Salvation," greatly depended on our entire people observing it.
3. Prophet Yeshayahu, (1:15,16,Targum): After a repentance Mikva immersion, we have a better chance that Hashem will listen, accept and answer our prayers with merci and compassion.
4. "Sin defiles! Therefore: Repentance requires purification from the sin!" (Tehilim 51:4, Or Zaru'a 1.40.112). "Immersion for Repentance!" (Magen-Avraham, Orach Chayim 606:4).  
5.  Until the mental maturity age of 20, every child, like a monkey imitate the social milieu. Hence, every Jewish boy, needs a Torah education and supervision from age 5 until age 20. Stopping it before, risks losing the Torah educational investment, since the youngster adapts himself to his social milieu.
If he lives among non-Jews he will act like them (Avot 5:21, shmot 30:14, Rashi).
Sadly, nowadays, most Yidden do not Torah educate their boys due to 15 years of high tuition cost and a host of other reasons.
Their children attend public-schools and get married to the non-Jewish pals, since they are easier to get, as their parents urge them "catch" a smart and rich "Jewish boy," who does not get drunk.
The easiest and most effective solution to curb the intermarriage holocaust and at minimal expense, is: to Mikva educate every Yid! Since during Mikva immersion, without air to breath, we instinctively connect to Hashem, after which we think, pray, live differently, inspired to learn Torah and then intermarriage cease to be an option.
Nowadays, men have no Torah obligation to immerse in a Mikva - however we are duty-bound, since beyond the resulting purity, Mikva immersion – "To stand Alone With G-d!" leads to a host of spiritual benefits, such as fear of Heaven, repentance, observance of Torah laws - where men immerse, Family Purity is strictly and fully observed and community life becomes more serious. However, to reach all of our People, we need many activists in every place around the world.
Where and How may we recruit them?
Ain Braira: Every local Mikva committee must also become a Center for Mikva Education for the local and for far-flung Yidden who are sorely lacking in Mikva knowledge. For all this, great sums of funding are needed. Where and How may we raise them?
Ain Braira: There is no Choice! Beyond the obligation of every Yid to support and labor for Mikva Education, we must ask, beseech and demand that each Mikva set aside 10% of its building and operating budget towards Mikva Education by their local committee. This, along with the direct donations, will provide funding for ongoing dissemination of printed Mikva educational materials in every Yid's mail box and for additional activities. It will certainly increase the number of users and thus also the Mikva's income. With G-d's help: In the zechus of this tremendous mitzvah, we will certainly merit Yeshuos from our physical and spiritual threats, communal and personal problems, globally and in our Holy Land.
For additional materials and donations, please  contact: USA: Survival/Mikva=Tikva, Imanuel Ravad – ראב"ד, 1360 – 44 St. Brooklyn, NY 1121
Israel: Imanuel Ravad, Shmaya St. 20, Bne-Brak 513270
UK: I. Ravad 56 Northumberland St. Salford M7 4DG
Belgium: Dayan A.J. Grosz, Mercator Str.40, Antwerp 201

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