Monday, December 12

Jewish Customs

On Rosh Hashono you blow        a horn
On Yom Kippur you hit                   your chest
Between the above two you swing         a chicken
After Yom Kippur you build         a Sukkah
On Sukkos you shake                     Arba Minim
On Chol Hamo’ed you go to the zoo
On Hoshana Rabba you knock    Hoshanos
On Shemini Atzeret you dance with the Torah
After Simchat Torah you destroy              the Sukkah
On Mother Rachel’s Yahrzeit      put on a red string
On Chanuka you light                     candles
On Chanuka you spin                     Dreydles
On Asarah beTevet you roll         Sefer Torah
On Tu BeShvat you eat                  new fruit
On Purim night you turn                           the gragger
On Purim night you turn                           the cork...
After Purim                                        you detox…
The night of Erev Pesach you inspect       your house
Erev Pesach by day you burn                    Chometz
On Pesach you drink                       four cups
On Lag BaOmer you call the       Fire department
On Shavuot night you become              a Scholar
On Shavuot you become              Milky
In the nine days you stop             eating meat
On Tisha BeAv   you weep            hot tears
On Shemittah you chuck               fruit and vegetables

At a Chuppah you throw            confetti

First published on 18 May 2016, on Jewish P.O.S.T. - the Jewish Voice for the People Of South Tottenham (this Blog is now defunct).

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