Wednesday, May 27

Bayis Bagovah in Saas-Grund

Saas-Grund, August 2014

Bayis Bagovah organised a quasi Kehilla at the Monte Rosa hotel in Saas-Grund and over the past few weeks we had HUNDREDS of people coming to us to Daven, learn and make use of our Mikve, tuck shop and other services.
They arrived from the Saas valley region as well as other parts of Wallis and even from as far afield as Crans Montana.
We had a Minyan Shacharis from 7AM to 10AM (hey its holiday...) every half hour divided over two rooms and the same for evening prayers, including a Shiur in Daf Yomi - presented by Rabbi Sa'adya Grinfeld from Manchester and also the learning programme "Yesodey HaTorah", recently launched by the Satmar Rebbe of Monroe.
We held a Yahrzeit event for the late Belze Rebbe, attended by nearly one hundred people, with the participation of Grand Rabbi Aron Schiff of the Machzike Hadas in Antwerp.

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