Monday, June 12

Hashgochoh Protis XVIIII - השגחה פרטית

Hashgochoh Protis XVIIII - השגחה פרטית

This week’s story is from Menasche Scharf of HaGefen UK

As part of our work to establish HaGefen UK, we were looking for a table and chairs for our meeting room.  We want to keep our limited funds for day-to-day expenses, so the option of buying it outright was nixed.  Still, the committee members were anxious to furnish the office properly, given that we were having meetings on a pair rickety desks…

Our next meeting with one of our major supporters was looming and the thought of having it in such a setting didn’t help.  Just then I answered a call from someone who wanted to know where he could dispose of a dining room set.  I gave him the telephone number of our manager and when he went to look he was overjoyed with this free set of as-new furniture.  Through Hashgochoh Protis, HaGefen UK is now fully equipped, ready to take on the Shiduch scene!

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