Thursday, June 8

Hashgochoh Protis XVIII - השגחה פרטית

Hashgochoh Protis XVIII - השגחה פרטית
This story happened last week, Erev Shabbos Parshas Bamidbor (02/06/2017) in South Tottenham – London.
On Thursday afternoon, my daughter prepared a treat for her pupils, as a nice finale for her Friday lesson: she went and bought a pack of icepops, so that there will be an ice lolly for each and every one of them. 
When she readied herself in the morning and she packed her lunch along with the box of ice pops, she noticed that the number on the pack stated that it contains 24 pieces – two short of the number of her Talmidos!
She walked out the house in a hurry and couldn’t hide her worry: how could she hand out this nosh to each and every one in the class, when two girls will have to be left out?!  A fleeting thought crossed her mind: to punish two of her pupils - the ones who created most of the disruptions during her lessons but quickly dismissed the thought: how can she cause such anguish to these youngsters?!
As she was passing by the local fish shop, she remembered that her mother asked her to buy salads l’Chvod Shabbos and so she popped in to deal with this chore, as she knew that on her way back from school they most probably would have run out of stock.  As she was waiting for the cashier to ring up her shopping, she noticed two forlorn ice pops – identical to the ones she had in her bag – lying in the fridge behind the counter.  She asked the salesperson if she could add them to her purchase, to which he obliged – giving it to her at no cost.

HaShem prepared ice lolly number 25 and number 26, in a shop that never stocks them - so that no girl should be offended in the slightest, ensuring a happy class and an even happier teacher…
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