Friday, May 27

Hashgochoh Protis XIII - השגחה פרטית

As heard this week, from a recently married Chosson:

My Chasunah was approaching fast and the myriad arrangements were piling up, with not enough time in the day to see to them all.  On top if this, I realised that my budget will not stretch any further, as I had already reached the limit of my meagre financial resources.  This problem came sharply into focus when I went to the Shtreymel-maker to try on the all-new Shtreymel, with only a couple of days to my Aufruf.

When I was preparing to leave, the Milliner placed the hat in the press for one more time and asked me to collect it in a day or two.  He also added that in order to remove it from his premises I will need to pay for it in full; no credit given.  I asked him if a post-dated cheque would be accepted, to which he shook his head from left to right (or was it from right to left?).  I then offered to pay by credit card, but this offered was rebutted: “we only accept cash, which means 5,700.00 New Israel Shekel” (roughly £1,000.00).

I left his workshop in a sully mood, thinking to myself that it’s inconceivable that I should have the Aufruf with someone else’s Shtreymel, so I will have to find the money to pay for it and fast.  Having exhausted all avenues, I walked down the street to my house and said aloud: “HaShem, I know that you see how I try to earn an honest living but the expenses for my Chasunah are way beyond my reach.  Please help me out so that I can go to my Aufruf like all my friends, without having to suffer any humiliation”.

I arrived to my parents’ flat and sat down, thinking to myself “I did everything that I could, especially when I opened up my heart to Him, I trust that HaShem listens to my every word – no need to worry anymore!” As I finished this thought, in walks my brother and – flinging down his attaché case on the couch – says to me “Brother, your wedding is in less than a week! Here’s some extra help, which I know could be of help to you”.  As he was talking he pulled a wad of bills from his backpocket and handed it to me and with his left hand in his other pocket he goes: “wait, I have some more – I know how much you were looking forward to your wedding and thought to myself – hey, just because I am not ready to settle down, doesn't mean I can’t help my brother!”.

I couldn’t count the money as I was shell-shocked from the fast response team that was sent to me… Bu the real bomb fell when I finished tallying up the two piles, which amounted to… you guessed: Exactly 5,700.00 New Israel Shekel.

(1) This story happened this year Parshas Tzav in Eretz Yisroel.
(2) The brother isn’t the only one to help out this working boy, you could also pitch in by contacting the author.

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