Tuesday, March 13

Amazing Kiddush Hashem

This story was posted around May 2015, I thought I’d share something nice for once ;-)

Amazing Kiddush Hashem this week:

Two boys were in Newcastle Station trying to retrieve their tickets they booked via credit card in the ticket machine. With a few minutes to spare until the train was to depart, they started getting a little nervous as the credit card wasn't working. 

A non-Jewish lady standing nearby overheard them getting a little nervous due to their situation. She walked over to them and asked what the problem was. After explaining their dilemma to her and saying they needed £170 for two new tickets and just didn't know what to do, she responded, "No problem, I'll lend you the money and you can pay me upon your return."

When the ticket officer, who was standing in the information desk nearby heard her offer he asked her how she ever planned on getting back that sum of money from two strangers who she never knew. 

By now there was a little commotion in the station and people who were watching awaited her response, and this is what she said:
A few years ago I worked in the Gateshead community for Mr C. L. Gluck and I can tell you first-hand, that Jews are the most honest and reliable people to deal with. I have no doubt that these boys will return the money to me and I'm more than happy to help them out.

The people were amazed as she handed over the money and walked off.

Mi K'amcho Yisroel!

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