Thursday, February 8

Hashgochoh Protis XXII - השגחה פרטית: When a trip to the airport went (W)right

Image result for "terminal two" "taking off" "landing" at "heathrow"

Image result for "terminal two" "taking off" "landing" at "heathrow"

When a trip to the airport went (W)right

As heard from a local resident:

"We spent a nice Shabbos in Bournemouth and we were on our way back to London.  When we saw the sign “Heathrow Airport” on the M3, we decided to make a small detour and show our kids the aeroplanes taking off and landing at Heathrow. 
The thought to stop over at Heathrow landed in my head 'out of the blue'.  I have good memories from when I went there once as a child - perhaps twenty years ago - to do exactly that: watch planes coming in and flying out.

We parked our car in Terminal Two and entered the Departures Hall, which – as usual – was full of people who were on the way to their flight. 

As we were trying to make our way to the viewing gallery, we encountered a middle aged couple whom we know from Stamford Hill.  Their eyes literally lit up when they spotted us and I realised that they were very happy to see us.  Indeed, they approached us and explained that they have difficulty boarding their flight to the US of A, as one of their ESTA’s had expired and they don’t know how to go about producing another one.  

My wife happily agreed to do this for them and after five minutes they were on their way. 

I can still not believe the turn of events that led me to arrive on that spot, just when these nice Jewish people were in shtuch… HaShem literally plotted my detour into my in-brain navigator – so that we could help out another Yid!"

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