Tuesday, March 7

Ais Tzarah L'Yaakov

Ais Tzarah L'Yaakov
By: Immanuel Yosef 
I was at the big funeral of usa Lone soldier max Steinberg hy'd today at Har Herzl 
From 20-30,000 people maybe 1-200 were cheredim
And I am today a most successful PTSD expert with office inside the top system center affiliated with Herzog hospital 
I train the PhDs staff and they are doing research on israel trauma cares programming techniques 
See what I am writing on my facebook 
I'm very busy with calculated hasbarah 
But it looks bad for cheredim today
I called my own 21 year old in chevron Givat Mordechai and said he should learn strong and say tehillim 
It's imperative for cheredim and particularly yeshiva boys to internalise the situation and know they should be SOLDIERS in the beis Medrash and in their lives now because otherwise they are not just 
Cheredim who are NOT on the battlefield 
But weakening the power of the IDF 
When properly internalized with good use of time
They are a source of the power of the IDF!

First published on 23 July 2014, on Jewish P.O.S.T. - the Jewish Voice for the People Of South Tottenham (now defunct).

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