Wednesday, September 2

Hashgochoh Protis X - השגחה פרטית

This week Sunday (30/08/2015), I was busy preparing the launch event of HaGefen UK and took off a couple of hours to visit an elderly family member in Golders Green.  As I was sitting on the 210 bus, I was in a quandary: how on earth can I leave North London when in a mere three hours I will have to welcome the attendees to HaGefen UK?!  On the other hand, the Mitzvah of Bikur Cholim is as vital – if not more important – than a new initiative, which may or may not succeed.  As I was stepping off the bus, I heard someone calling my name, which turned out to be an old friend of mine who was waving wildly to me.  He shouted to me that I should please wait for him and started to drive his car into a side road.  Gesturing to him that I will wait for him, I made my way to a spot where we could meet: he in his car and me on the pavement.  He drove his car alongside me and rolled down the window saying: “I just returned from abroad and was going to search for your number.  You see, since the interview about the Shadchonim Crisis was published in Inyan (a HaModia supplement) on Chamishoh Osor beOv this year I was looking for you, as we urgently need to do something about this.”  I was astonished at this Hashgochoh Protis: here I am, wondering whether I should really be in Golders Green and now it’s all clear: this meeting had to take place just in time to invite him to the inaugural gathering of HaGefen UK!

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