Monday, August 24

Hashgochoh Protis IX - השגחה פרטית

During the summer of 5775 (2015) - which was a Schmitta year - I was in Saas-Fee, Switzerland for the summer holidays and on the morning of August 12th I found out that the hotel where I was staying at was erroneously supplied with Mango that originated in Eretz Yisro-el.
Understandably there was a whole discussion about the issue surrounding the mangos, as these fruits were certainly Schmitta produce, meaning that they shouldn’t have been sold and certainly not to Chutz Lo-Oretz.
A couple of other people in the hotel were discussing the matter and being that they came from Benei Beraq in Israel, they knew much more about these Halochos than the average ‘Chutznik’ like myself.
Picture of the Schmitta Van
We left it for the hotel manager to ask his Rav HaMachshir in Zurich how to deal with this, with the proviso that I will check up on the progress (I was the appointed Mashgiach for the Kitchen).
In the afternoon I went out to do some errands and as I was approaching one of the tourist offices opposite the Walliser Kantonalbank, I bumped into one of these Israeli Tourists and we went over the Halachic implications in more details.  As we parted - it was exactly 14:57Hrs - I noticed an electric-powered commercial ‘service truck’ trolley stopping just in front of me.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the name of the company...

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