Friday, November 21

מהשם מצעדי גבר כוננו ודרכו יחפץ HASHGOCHOH PROTIS

A Hashgochoh Protis story that emerged after the Har Nof massacre:
One of the Mispallelim in the Shul where the attack happened needs someone to drive him to Shul every morning, as he’s very old.  On the morning of the horrible events, he called a Taxi but was told that they will only have one in half an hour.  He tried another taxi company but the same answer was given.  He decided to try and flag a taxi off the road and so took his Zimmerframe and hobbled down to the street.  By the time he reached the road he realised that by now the Minyan would be up to Yishtabach and so there was no point going there as he won’t catch the Amidah anyway.  Only after he heard the noise from the emergency vehicles and some news started flooding in, did he realise why no taxi company had a car available for him. 

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