Tuesday, November 18

תורה חסה על ממונם של ישראל!

Can you please pass on the following to your mailing list, perhaps with a request to forward it on:

Please! When traveling to Italy on business or for a holiday - beware!  There dozens of gangs roaming around the exhibition halls, hotels and stations who 'organise' any of the following 'accidents' and offer you their curteous help - only for you to fall in their trap when afterwards you realise that you've been robbed clean!!!

This has happened as follows:
Example 1: You drive along after purchasing your new stock of jewellery when suddenly a neighbouring car indicates that your tyre is nearly flat.  WHen you stop the car they converge on it from anydie and when they have finished replacing your tyre you  realise that all your possesions have vanished.

Example 2: You sit in the train  minding your own business.  Suddnly a commotion ensues, as a few rogues start to harass an old lady, trying to tear awa her handbag or all her luggage comes tumbling down from the overhead racks.  When you get up to offer help, they seem to be frightened away and you return to your seat.  Lo and behold, your luggage has disappeared.

Example 3: You stand at a bus stop waiting and a professionally looking couple, town map in hand approach you looking a bit distressed.  They start asking you for directions, ignoring your explanations - both verbal and in sign language - until they 'give up'.  When you turn around looking at your attache case, it's gone!

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