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From bondage to voyage - Inspiring & amazing freedom story for Pesach

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Sent: 12 April 2017 07:42
Subject: Inspiring & amazing freedom story for Pesach
Dear Friend,
Moadim leSimcha!  Wishing you and those close to you a Pesach of personal liberation and national salvation. Let us remember that the name of the month of Nissan includes the word "ness" - miracle.

We are pleased to send you a gift - a unique true story of miraculous redemption from captivity.  An inspiring and uplifting life experience, perfect for telling on Pesach - to remind us that Hashem is watching over us, and miracles are still commonplace. Your faith in Hashem's all powerful and all loving presence will be strengthened.
This gift of inspiration is to thank you wholeheartedly for your valuable support.
You have enabled us to provide over 30 students with much needed food coupons for Pesach necessities and we have given out over 600 shmura matzos. Chabad on Campus provided the Dean of Students at Ort Braude College with 10 food vouchers (valued at $55 each)to give to students at his discretion. We attach his letter to us where he describes the feelings of gratitude of the students and how this act of kindness affected him - even though he admits that he is not a practicing Jew, he is inspired by the efforts we make to ensure that everyone can enjoy a family seder that is a pleasure materially and spiritually.
Davvid Levi's personal narrative is unedited.  We forward it as it was sent originally to us.  We were so pleased to host Mr. Levi when he came to address the students and a picture is also attached. His address was inspiring as is his gratitude to Hashem and acknowledgement of the unseen workings of "hashgacha pratit" (Divine providence) that accompanied his journey to freedom.
Wishing you and those close to you, Pesach kasher ve sameach - a festival of joy and redemption - both personal and communal.
Rabbi Nosson & Miriam Rodin

Davvid's original narrative
As G-D send Moses to rescue our people from Egypt, like wise our G-D rescued me
I was captured by West African pirates and kept in captivity (Lost 30kg body weight), they demanded huge sum of money. My ship owner, Indian government did not negotiate. My wife paid $500,000usd still they were not willing to release me
I was allowed to chat on mobile and arrange more funds from my friends and relatives. Then I met Rabbi Isaac on Facebook, we became very close, he gave me strength and confidence.
After few weeks of chat, Rabbi Isaac told me "You shall begin your journey home on Passover and see your family before Passover ends" I told my wife. There was no sign of me being released
It was Passover
3rd April 2015: I slept off as nothing had happened, at around 2200hrs I was woken up- I could see no one. The whole place was very cold and silent, I saw the doors wide open and all the pirates were sleeping. I was very afraid, I felt someone holding my hand and leading me out of their hideout. I walked through the bushes for about 10 minutes and there was a motor bike waiting, he took me to the town and asked no money
I travelled 2600Kilometers by foot/Motor bike/car/truck/cart, passed through 6 West African countries never questioned by any authority- I did not have my Passport/Visa. I just walked past the border, I felt invincible.
Then more miracles:-
6th April 2015: I was arrested by border police of Niamey and questioned. I narrated the whole incident. I told I was afraid to approach the nearby Indian Embassy as the pirates could be waiting for me. The police became very rude, as I had no money for them, suddenly their senior officer came for station inspection, he saw me and I narrated the whole incident to him. He told me if I payed him $1000usd he can arrange all the necessary paper though local Indian embassy/ Immigration department and escort me though the Airport. I happily agreed and my wife send $1000usd through western union.
7th April 2015: As promised the senior officer gave me all the papers and escorted me though the Airport, after airport formalities/check-in I offered $1000usd as promised to the senior officer. He refused to accept the money, He told his name was Issac and wished me good luck. I was in shock, just sat for the sometime. After some time I went back to the airport security and told I would like to meet the Mr.Issac senior officer who escorted me in. On which the airport security told I came in alone-I was shocked.
My wife had booked the Flight (Niamey – Ouagadougou - Turkey – Calcutta – Chennai)
8th April 2015: I was taken in for questioning by Turkish Immigration officers at transit lounge, stating I did not have Passport. Suddenly their senior officer came in and questioned me, i narrated the whole incident to him. He let me go.
9th April 2015: I Reached Calcutta International Airport and stood in line for immigration clearance, as I had no passport, I was thinking what to answer. Then suddenly an immigration officer called me and let me go through another gate- he did not ask me a word. Iam a frequent traveler -I was shocked.
Then I changed over to domestic airport and reached Chennai. Took a cab and reached home and met my family, no one could believe this
10th April 2015: I wanted to show my friend what I was chatting with Rabbi Isaac on Facebook, I could not find the chat or him on my friend list-I was shocked.
God heard my Cry and helped me out, all my family and friends till this day don't believe what has happened, how can a person travel without Passport/Visa through so many countries. I never felt tired or hungry during this period, I was full of strength.
I have lost lot of money, it does not matter. Iam very happy by the way our G-D rescued me.
Davvid is standing at the back on the right, wearing a hat. 

Letter from the Dean
ברצוני לעדכנכם שחב"ד תרמו למכללה 10 תלושי מזון בגובה 200 ₪ כל אחד לסטודנטים נזקקים עבור רכישת מזון שופרסל לליל הסדר.
הסטודנטים הנזקקים נבחרו על ידי בקפידה , זומנו למשרדי וקיבלו היום את התלושים ושי קטן מחב"ד (מצה שמורה לליל הסדר).
כל אחד מהסטודנטים, שהנו עולם בפני עצמו, התרגש וריגש אותי .
אינני אדם דתי, אך  בהשקפתי עלינו לעשות הכל כדי שכל אדם יהודי יוכל לחגוג את ליל הסדר ביחד עם משפחתו בהמון שמחה ואוכל טוב.
אשרינו שיכלנו לעזור ל – 10 סטודנטים לעשות פסח שמח עם משפחתם.
מאחל לנו ולבני משפחותינו חג פסח שמח וכשר.
בכבוד רבשרון קציר, דקאן סטודנטים ומנהל שיווק, המכללה להנדסאים אורט בראודה
Copyright © 2017 Chabad Youth of Karmiel, All rights reserved. 

Copyright © 2017 Chabad Youth of Karmiel, All rights reserved.

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