Wednesday, November 4


A wise man once wrote that to be a Democrat you have to believe:

1)      Your own country is evil and can do no right and every other country can do no wrong.  Only other people can be proud of their country.
2)      Success is evil.  It is somehow noble to be poor and miserable.
3)      Paying people to be poor and miserable is a great idea.  Emulating successful people is for "sell-outs".
4)      Free speech is only for reporters and terrorists, not for working class people.
5)      Taxes can never be too high.
6)      People are too stupid to take care of themselves.
7)      People are defined by their race or gender or nationality rather than their own behaviour or achievement.
8)      Paying poor families to have babies is a great idea.
9)      Paying people not to work and farmers not to grow crops is a great idea.
10)   Science means whatever a politically-charged, self-selected group of scientists says it does.  If the actual facts are otherwise, just cover it up, fudge the numbers, and blacklist anyone who says otherwise.
11)   Having the federal government spend almost twice as much money as it takes in and therefore put our children and grandchildren in debt is great.
12)   Ignoring your enemies’ intentions and putting your head in the sand is a viable defence strategy.  Well, that or just surrendering.  "Better Red than Dead!
13)   Importing millions of poor, uneducated peasants from Third World countries is a great idea.  See #3 and #8 above.
14)   Everyone else is the problem.  If only you were dictator of the world and could tell everyone what to do, the world would be a utopia.
15)   Representative government is only good when you get your way.  If you don't: protest, throw a fit, harass and intimidate people, and/or cherry pick a friendly judge to give you what you want.
16)   Welcome murderous foreign elements with one hand whilst silencing loyal citizens with the other is de rigueur.
17)   Keep your oil-producing enemies in business, when your domestic economy is teetering on the brink of total meltdown.

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