Wednesday, April 29

Hashgochoh Protis VI - Seating Arrangements

We were traveling to Antwerp for a Chasuna and decided to take the Eurostar for a change.  I duly entered the details into the ordering system and managed to secure a group of four seats around a table.  As anyone who travels this way will tell you, it’s rare to find such a luxury unless you book early.  These tickets of ours were ordered early indeed; as soon as the date became available – many months before the wedding – we quickly booked the tickets.  As the day of our trip approached, our married daughter was asking my wife how we plan to go and when she heard about our arrangements, she asked he husband to try and procure seats on the same train.  Turns out that there were still a small number of seats available, albeit without a large choice of seating arrangements: they were going to travel sitting backwards = awkward…
Now that we had our young couple who will be travelling on the same train, we agreed to at least travel to the train station as a group, so that we could help them with the baby and the luggage. 
As we approached the train, my wife told my daughter that our seats are in the last coach (some Eurostar trains are made up of 18 coaches).  My daughter understood that we will not be able to help her in transit, as it’s very hard to walk the length of the train without causing disruption.

As they were schmoozing alongside the platform, my wife started looking up the coach numbers to see if we’ve arrived and as she noticed the number ‘18’, she told my daughter to go back to her coach.  The young lady announced that ‘incidentally’ it is indicated on her ticket that she is also on that coach.  Our wonder turned to incredulity when we realised that her family was allotted seats right behind our seats!  Our grandchild was well looked after throughout the journey, courtesy of the Master planner.

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