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Bushey Synagogue Enjoy an Uplifting Shabbat UK with the Travelling Chassidim

Bushey United Synagogue Shabbos with the Travelling Chassidim
London, 8th June 2017 - 14th Sivan 5777

Bushey United Synagogue Enjoy an Uplifting Shabbos with the Travelling Chassidim

Last week Shabbos Parshas Nossoy, the Travelling Chassidim and their families were privileged to be hosted by the Jewish community of Bushey.

The Shabbos was dedicated in honour of the induction of the new Rov of the Kehilloh, Rabbi Elchonon Feldman Shlita.

Led by Mr Binyomin Binet of Stamford Hill in North London, the group added to the ambience of this special Shabbos with their unique Ruach and lively singing.  The ladies of the community were entertained by the female members of the Travelling Chassidim, who contributed to the Shabbos atmosphere with wit and camaraderie, forging new friendships as the Shabbos progressed.
The moving Carlebach-style Kabalas Shabbos led by Chazzan Moshe Meislik was followed by a communal Shabbos meal in the shul function hall. Over 100 community members enjoyed a Shabbos meal courtesy of Kelman's, in conjunction with Reich catering - replete with Divrei Torah, Zemiros and spirited dancing.

At the Seudah Sh’lishis the 200-strong crowd were addressed by several guests to the Kehillah, amongst them Rabbi Shloimy Stark of Travelling Chassidim’s Manchester division and Mr Menasche Scharf of its London branch. All speakers commended the remarkable spiritedness and noteworthy hospitality of the Kehillah members and their good fortune of having such a dynamic personality as their new Rov.
The visit ended with a moving Havdalah culminating in a lively dance to the sound of singing accompanied by the magic tunes emanating from Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Grunnfeld's keyboard.

Members of the Bushey Kehillah freely shared their feelings of gratitude with their guests; here are some of the comments that were shared by participants:
  • ‘L’ writes in a message to a wife of one of the Travelling Chasidim: "Wow!" is all I can say… I feel so blessed to have had you come to our community.
  • ‘J’ said that the inspiration from this Shabbos "Did more than several lectures from a Rabbi”.
  • To quote one of the Shul's committee members: "I was looking forward to teaching these Chassids a thing or two.  Boy, did I make a mistake - I ended up learning quite a few things about life about Shabbos and about Yiddishkeit in general - a real eye opener!
  • 'P' writes: "We both really enjoyed Shabbat with you all - there was a magical ruach around - we hope you will all make it back to Bushey in the not too distant future."
  • From 'J' - one of the hosts: "We are so grateful that we were chosen as your hosts.  We could not have asked for a better! You made our Shabbos so special. One that will live in my memory for many years.  Your stories and smile were an inspiration to me. Always remember the cup is half full!! Thanks again.
  • "I had an amazing week, after such a wonderful Shabbat with you. Thank you for coming".
The Chief Rabbi complimented this event: "I met many of the people who participated in this Shabbos and they were all gushing about how wonderful it was.  A real Kiddush HaShem!"

The Travelling Chassidim was founded in the USA by Rabbi A. M. Royde of Monsey, NY. in the USA. Its UK group is made up of Chassidic families from London and Manchester who travel around the country, bringing Joy, Happiness and Authentic Yiddishkeit to the communities in the large cities as well as in the Provinces.   The Travelling Chassidim – a not-for-profit organisation - is part of the World of Belz institutions under the guidance and leadership of the Rebbe of Belz in Jerusalem, Eretz Israel. The group was inspired by the teachings of the late Rabbi Noach Weinberg ZTZ"L of Aish HaTorah, especially by his innovative Project Inspire initiative.   Bringing with them classic Chassidic warmth and liveliness together with the special aura of the holy Shabbat day the Travelling Chassidim form a deep connection with the host community resulting in a Shabbaton that is truly transformational memorable and – sometimes even contagious...
P. S. Photo Credits: Members of the Bushey Jewish Community

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